"Born in the wrong body" and respect for Transgenderism and Trans People

A growing number of people report being sure they are in the wrong body or that their body is a lie.  It is not their lie so it metaphorically speaking is nature's.   You may say that nature is blind so in that sense it does not not lie so if God creates nature then God is the evil one. He is the liar.  Many trans experience however that nature somehow has lied to them.  It has lied to others too for if your biology tells you that you are one sex when you know you are another that draws others in.

There are trans who prefer to say they are born in the right body but that body needs modifications.  So God gave you healthy body parts that seem to belong to you but which are deceptively birth defects.

Both models affirm this: your DNA or biology has a role to play in the formation of your gender that is the gender-based mental image you have of yourself and of who you are. Gender transitioning is about correcting the mismatch between this vision and your body.

Another thing to remember is that you are your body and we all know that we are our bodies.  So to say you are in the wrong body means you are in the wrong existence.  The transman who suffers from not being a cisman or the transwoman who suffers from not being a ciswoman is very real.  If God gives you your existence then this is a mistake. 

The trans who are told that God affirms feel that this does not help with doubts for God is not meeting them for coffee to tell them.  It is people who would say that anyway that are doing that.  The doubts can be pure agony.  Dysphoria often has an element of cruel crippling doubt.  The trans person who is affirmed by friends may find it hard to see the affirmation as sincere.

Many report the dysphoria of having the wrong existence leads to despair and that is hard to manage.  It is exceptionally cruel.

The Bible has God saying that he made the first people as man and woman. It appears at the start of Genesis highlighting the importance of this concept. Adam and Eve then fell by sin meaning they were able to change the goodness of God's design for nature.  Thorns grew and sickness became possible among other things.  God after the fall gives Adam and Eve different roles, they were to be equal but not the same. So here we have a declaration that men are biologically men and women are biologically women and that sex is gender. They have different roles and expectations tied to their biological sex.

Jesus when asked if there were any right circumstances for divorce said God made man and woman at the beginning and the man cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh that that creates a lifelong bond in marriage that cannot be broken. So divorcing a spouse is causing adultery he says. It is a sin. He would say that you can’t overthrow marriage as he explained it because of some rare cases.

It is childish to think he meant a man just loves his wife and bonds with her. He is talking about how body fits body and that is union. This reinforces the idea of biological sex mattering and mattering hugely. The body of the person you are having sex with matters so sex should only be between a biological man and biological woman in marriage.

If told about intersex Jesus would say that it is an aberration and does not affect his argument. He might say it is like a cleft palate, some having one does not mean they are a different kind of person.

Jesus never affirmed even a gay person who was in the closet.  Even if he did, it would not mean he approved of people being public about it or having a partner on their arm in public.  It would be the same with trans. 

The Church teaches that when a new life starts in the womb it is a gift from God. The Bible calls your body a gift. It also teaches that you don't own yourself for God owns you as he made you of his infinite generosity. The teaching that you own your body, that it is your sovereign country, is decisively rejected.  The inner experience of a trans person or any person is often, "I alone own me." The rest may not even realise that is what they are saying.  The teachings concerning bodily sex characteristics being gifts, the penis specifically, torments transwomen for they may hate their penis. The teachings of breasts being gifts torments transmen.

These teachings tell the trans person what their biological sex is, and if their true gender in their experience is different, that true gender is invalid and a lie and a delusion.  They are accused of malice against their own bodies.

Malice against yourself makes a thin line between hurting yourself and others.  If you hurt yourself you do invade others for nobody is an island.  So they are called dangerous.  Such ideas suggest, "It is lucky in a way they attack themselves and their own bodies and nobody else's. But it is still vile for hurting yourself is in no way better or worse than hurting another."

They are accused of putting a feeling before the truth, "I may feel I am in the wrong sex but that does not mean the feeling is correct".  They are accused of making themselves into a lie. 

If God is love then damn that love.  If God is truth then damn that truth.  We will affirm trans regardless.  Put the person you can see before any speculative God.

It is not even a potential God's business and the inner experience of trans tells them that.

Here are quotes showing that the idea of God abusing you and putting you in the wrong body is part of the experience of many transgender people. It is an issue that affects many transgender people when they are children.  
In Man into Woman Lile Elbe page 231 wrote, "There was the town in Southern France on the Loire, where Andreas and Grete had spent many joyous summer months. And not only Andreas ! No, I, Lili, had also lived down there, like a prisoner escaped from the captivity of Andreas’ body."

Jan Morris, “I was three or perhaps four years old when I realised that I had been born into the wrong body, and should really be a girl. I remember the moment well, and it is the earliest memory of my life.”  In her book, Conundrum, she writes that she had to go against God to be herself.

"God put me in the wrong body". Lt. Shacher of the IDF at the age of 5.

Brody Runge, "I was just confused as to why God put me in the wrong body."

"I think God put me in the wrong body. I feel like a boy...When God made me, he messed up, I should have had a penis." Transgender son of Nicole Pecoraro.

Warner Schaettgen, “Mommy, God made a mistake, I'm really a little girl". https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/warner-s-story-god-put-me-in-the-wrong-body-i-m-really-a-girl-1.1849282

Susie Green of Mermaids regarding her daughter Jackie who was born in the wrong body. “She was very direct at four and she told me: ‘God’s made a mistake, I should have been a girl.’ I denied it and said ‘No, you are a boy. You like girl things. You don’t have to be a girl to like girls’ toys.’ She replied: ‘I am not a boy, I am a girl.’"

Emily Tressa (went at 17 for gender reassignment surgery), "I used to look in the mirror and be like, is it only me? Am I the only one that feels like this? That I'm trapped in the wrong body? For me, it feels almost like I'm finally fully complete now.”

Jordan Gray Channel 4, October 2022, “I look out at the faces in this room and wish that I could crawl back in the womb. And start again against God’s plans with different glands and smaller hands.”

This shows that religious teachings/sacraments/rites about males being males and females being females are a threat to trans especially children. Jesus said that God made them male and female and the divine plan is for one man and one woman in marriage for life. Such teachings are evil bigotry.  They are microaggressions and are the sparks in the forest and before you know it the fire is raging. As part of affirmation, we need to be prepared for trans children thinking God has evilly put them in the wrong body. God has mutilated them through nature and that mutilation needs fixing through social and medical transition. A trans child does not know at 3 or whatever what their true gender is. They always knew for they got the wrong body in the womb. The age when they realise does not mean they didn’t always know.

We are masters of nature not God.  Nature is not a thing but a collection of many things.  Nature is a word for loads of natures.  I am master of the nature that I am.  That is why if I block my puberty, it is my right to decree if for me it is a medical condition or sickness.  That is why gender affirming surgeries are not mutilation.  That is why the doctor saying the baby is a boy or girl at birth is only guessing.  Dysphoria or not, every person has the right to be affirmed if they reject or don't relate to the gender assigned at birth.

Medics do have a right to refuse treatment at times but not in this case.  This is about who you are and you need others to let you be who you are and recognise you for who you are.  Informed choice should rule the day in medicine.  Let medical professionals be service providers not authorities.  Choice is choice.   If the Hippocratic Oath has to go then it is no loss.

Trans who give us an argument against theism and patriarchal religion are heroes.  Trans who are atheist or anti-atheist are needed for trans rights are human rights and liberation from the idea that a God and his religion should say who you are is needed for us all.  Let us amplify their voices.  Being trans can get you killed.  Being atheist or anti-theist can get you killed.  Being both is very dangerous and people in that category need our focus.

Nonbinary people who are neither male or female or both contradict the Bible teaching that God made male and female.  They also contradict the Christian message that God makes wholes not parts.  They hold that there are body parts that do not belong to them and are not part of them.

Vulnerable people such as trans or nonbinary need safe spaces safe from Bible or God nonsense.  It is not worth the risk.  There is no debate about the humanity of black people.  There is no debate that trans and nonbinary are true and valid.  They do not have preferred pronouns.  Their pronouns are really theirs and not just a matter of courtesy. To even mention what the Bible may or may not say is denying their humanity.

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