What is the Worst Theory of Creation?

In Egyptian religion, magic was thought to be triggered by using words. The command for something to happen made it happen. This is where the notion in Genesis of God telling the universe to exist and then it appears comes from. The magic or Heka, the notion that words are actions, magical actions, is from Egyptian occultism. Ogden Goelet Jun an Egyptologist declares that in the Egyptian book of the dead, “Heka magic is many things, but, above all, it has a close association with speech and the power of the word. In the realm of Egyptian magic, actions did not necessarily speak louder than words – they were often one and the same thing. Thought, deed, image, and power are theoretically united in the concept of heka”.

If you want to explain something saying it is magic is the lazy way to do it. Religion takes advantage of our laziness. That is how it is able to popularise the notion of God making all things out of nothing so well among the populace. Thankfully believers in this creating God have enough unbelief in them to deter them from attributing all mysteries to a supernatural agency. They don't for example "solve" the Jack the Ripper mystery by saying that only a supernatural spirit could have dodged the police and killed those women.

Let us look more into this.  How bad is the doctrine of creation?

There could have been nothing.

There isn't.

So why is there something?

Because it is logically impossible for there to have been nothing. We cannot understand this. But it is true. Our logic is limited so we will never understand. Our logic tells us that it was possible for there to have been nothing at all but it must be wrong in this. There is something we don't understand.

Why is there something rather than nothing?

God religion says God is the answer for he made all things out nothing.

Nothing is nothing meaning nothing can come from it. It is not like a material from which you can make things. To say that what exists came from nothing makes more sense than to say God made it from nothing.

Look at the options.

1-God can make something from nothing.

2-What exists came from nothing and wasn't made. In other words, it popped out of nothing.

3-The universe made itself.

All seem illogical. Nothing can come from nothing.

All these ideas claim that creation out of nothing proves that everything is made by and of magic! It is magic and the occult they support not religion though religion tries to manipulate them for support.

The first is most illogical. It adds to the problem by assuming there is a God. What caused him to be? And even a God can't make something out of nothing because there is nothing there. There is no making. You are still saying something popped out of nothing. That is mad enough but it is worse to introduce the idea of God making things out of nothing. That cannot be done. God or no God creation popped out of nothing. So God is eliminated as an explanation. He isn't even necessary or relevant because even if he exists, all things came into being without being made.

To say the universe made itself is to say it did not exist before it made itself and it did exist before it made itself. It is incoherent nonsense. But at least it is better than saying God made all things from nothing. It is better to say that something made itself meaning it did not come from nothing than to say it did come from nothing.

We have no choice but to use number 2 as the lesser absurdity. We have to accept and believe it as the best of a bad lot.

We don't know how nothing can become something. We just know it happened. It is the same with our powers of free will - we may not understand them but we take the word of our experience for it that we have got them. Number 2, as silly as it seems, has to be accepted as a brute fact that we don't understand.

It is logically ridiculous to say that lifeless things with no awareness need to exist unless unless they exist to be used by us. It is sensible to say they exist to serve and be used by us who are conscious living beings. Whatever exists, exists for us and other beings endowed with consciousness. We do not need to understand how things came to be to understand that.

Some say God made all things. Why is there a God when there could have been nothing? Again the answer is that God must exist for us as well. But in that case he is not God. God is supposed to be supreme and omnipotent and to have made all things not out of need but just because he chose to. We will believe that we are divine and we know we are right to. We believe it out of love for one another. And we perceive that we are born on earth as vulnerable beings to do good to one another.

Some argue, "We know that the powers that cause things to be are supernatural. They are magical. Existence is supernatural. Forget about debates about God and gods and demons. The essential point is that existence is a miracle, it cannot be explained or understood. You can explain how a magician can bring a rabbit out of a hat. But not if he uses supernatural means for this accomplishment. If it is supernatural it seems to make no sense, and you cannot understand it. Why is it important to know that our existence is magical and inexplicable and supernatural? Because it highlights how wonderful we are and shows us that everything is a miracle. We can make miracles by using the power of thought. Clearly, everything is magic. You know the magic."

They don't realise that if magic makes and sustains the universe it does not follow that we can wield magical power.

It is important to wonder how things came to be. We must not wonder in order to come to belief in God. That is last reason we would want to have. It fails to affirm how we are divine in the practical sense (we make our own decisions as if we are God) and that we need to be assured of it.

Believers say that if we say there is no God we are saying that the universe is self-generating. That is not true. We are not saying the universe made itself. We are saying it popped into existence because even if there is a God it was still the only way it could come to be.

God cannot create. It is impossible. Suppose the impossible is possible. Then be aware that you must come up with more than one impossibility that you think happened. Remember there will be an infinity of them that you will never think of. A is impossible. B is impossible. You pick whichever one seems the least impossible. For example, if goblins are impossible then you must believe in one goblin instead of many. Many would be “more” impossible. The less impossible things we believe in the better for the more rational we are. We must seek the least impossible things.

Let us talk about the building blocks of matter. If God could do the impossible and create then all we could reasonably as possibly believe would be that he made one building block. This building block would have to be partless itself for only one substance can be created. It would really just be a spirit. If the building block is spirit that means that the molecule or whatever it composes must be spirit. This theory would entail the denial of the existence of matter.

Some say, “If God is infinite, God cannot create because it takes all power to make one thing meaning that there is no power to make anything else. Therefore, it takes all possible power to create even a single building block of matter assuming that matter does ultimately have building blocks. This means that it alone can exist for when all power is needed to keep it in existence there cannot be any power left to make others for infinite power denotes: All power that can exist which is unlimited power. There cannot be a God because lots of things exist. All an infinite power can create if we pretend that creation is possible is a single spirit, a being without any composition and having only one power for that is the simplest possible thing to create." The answer is that infinite power by definition can create an infinity of things or just one thing. Infinity has nothing to do with proving God could only create one thing if he can create.

Now that we are at the end of this essay, we must recall that the only real answer to the existence of the universe is ignored. Rather than ask why there is a universe when there might have been none, we should remind ourselves that perhaps the universe simply always existed in some form. The universe came from some energy that was always there. What is called the big bang is really a transformation not a creation. The Church nowadays denies that the big bang was the creation but argues that it was the result of something that was already created!

Creation then is a philosophical, or I prefer to use the word superstitious, idea. It is not science.

So finally, creation means something is there when there should be nothing and there is nothing for it to come from.  Atheists say this is magic and it is nonsense and superstitious.  Religion says that even if it is, atheists are saying magic without a magician made the universe.  Are they?  Let us assume they are.  Religion then says that as nonsensical as it is to say magic made the universe come from nothing, it is far less nonsensical to say that a magician God made the universe with his magic. But nonsense is nonsense.  There is no spectrum.  You reject nonsense full stop.  Don't come up with insane theory a and then insane theory b and choose one or the other.  Reject both and just say the truth is out there.  Admit you are puzzled. Magic being involved at all is absurd.  Also if I have the power to use electricity then it is a power in its own right.  Magic can exist on its own without a magician.

Hypothetically suppose nonsense is a spectrum and one bit of nonsense can be "more" valid than another.  If it is insane to say God's magic made the universe saying magic made it is in fact less insane.

The theory of creation by God is meant to open up the way to belief in a relationship with a loving God who has moral standards.  It fails utterly so whatever creation even if true points to, it is definitely not that kind of God.

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