The Worldwide Church of God used to teach that keeping parts of the Law of Moses was necessary for Christians. After a dramatic change in doctrine the Worldwide Church of God issued a new statement of their position on the Law of Moses liberalising their teachings. They said that the Bible never says the Law was the means of salvation. They said that the Mosiac law is a unit and the word Torah or Law in the Bible is singular as is the word nomos used in the New Testament.

James 2:10 is seen to indicate that since to break one law is to break them all that the Law of Moses with its 613 commandments is a unit. This implies that all the laws are true and valid. The idea is that the basic law is that evil must be banned and the rules are only working that out and detailing it. So to break one law is to become evil. It reminds us how Jesus defined the law as being about love of God and neighbour and as every positive has its negative that means, "Spurn evil - spurn failure to love God and neighbour.

They say that Galatians 3:19 says that the Law was in force only until Jesus would come and 2 Corinthians 3:2-11 says the Law is katargeo which means rendered inoperative. But they say that we are still free to keep any part of the Mosiac Law if we wish. The New Testament stresses freedom which they take to mean that if you want to keep the unclean food ban you can do it as long as you understand it is up to you. The study says that the New Testaments answers both yes and no to the question, “Are the Old Testament Laws Still Binding on Christians?” They point to Hebrews 8:10 quoting Jeremiah 31:31-33 as valid for our day though Jeremiah says in it that God will write the Law of Moses on our hearts. The study says the Laws of the Old Testament are completely valid but we just obey them in a new way as exemplified by Christ. In other words, instead of worrying about damp on your wall like the Law commands you worry more about the kind of heart you have. They argue that you can forget about the damp as long as it will do no harm and that is love. So you worry about the spirit of the Law not the letter.

This new teaching is exactly the same as the orthodox Christian teaching on the Law. But notice how it lets you make laws to kill gays and adulterers if you want to. The fact that the New Testament says that the Law is inoperative in the sense that it does not force us anymore for God works within us to make us want to obey it is ignored. The New Testament never says we are free to drop the requirements of the Law. Moreover, you could keep the spirit of the Law and the letter. The idea of the spirit of the Law needing to be obeyed implies that the Law wants you do follow the spirit of the Law or to obey. If the Law says I should have dampness on my wall treated then I cannot ignore this without turning against the spirit of the Law. Keeping the Law would be good discipline for me if I am already saved so not keeping it would be gross ingratitude to God.

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