There is no God or higher being caring for us. If there were, our lives would be perfect for suffering and evil and temptation are useless.  They are useless because of the problems with free will.

We cannot prove that if we have free will that it is free enough for it to be about us giving ourselves totally to God.  Science shows the brain is susceptible to programming and many of these processes are nearly impossible to discern in yourself.  Free will should be based on informed choice and the informed is the problem with religion across the board.

Belief in God is harmful because it is leads to the sinister doctrine of free will which claims to explain how a loving God could let us sin and abuse one another. The purpose of free will was that we could be able to sacrifice ourselves to obey God or to refuse to do so for only obedience freely given pleases God. God religion blames the abuse of this gift by us for the evils in the world to get God off the hook. 

Free will is no use unless we can be selfless and we cannot for there is nothing we do that we do not want to do to some level under the circumstances.  So we deal with a want.  God commands self-sacrifice which is an evil doctrine. We can’t be selfless for everything we do we want to do it under the circumstances no matter how unpleasant we find it so there would be no need for suffering and evil and instead of bad desires causing us to do harm we should have only desires and pleasures that make us harmless.

We might as well be made enjoy ourselves all the time when we can make no real sacrifices – to sacrifice something for reasons of self-interest is not to make a sacrifice at all for you want to do it to be better off.

A good God would not want your belief. Pain and suffering must be fought and destroyed rather than accepted as a way for God to discipline me for I should discipline myself if I need to and I shouldn’t need to for it is none of God’s business. God is a cruel concept for this reason and will lead only to cruelty. If it does not make people cruel it makes them implicitly cruel.

If I am really the image of God like the Bible says, does it not follow that I should be treated as priceless?  If so then God should tell me I have free will instead of leaving others to work it out.  He should tell others then.  A core part of my being needs clear affirmation from the being that supposedly conferred the free will.

Let us examine the wickedness of every excuse for why God would allow evil.

We have dealt with the free will excuse.

Another excuse is that without evil there would be no evil for us to fight against. This obviously puts the struggle and struggle is painful before the results and implies that suffering is better than goodness. If you believe in God you simply have to accept this excuse for the way things are shows that if there is a God he wants us to struggle and do what we hate doing. This excuse here is the same as the one about love being sacrifice and it is a disaster.

Another excuse is that suffering is necessary to punish us for sin.

This is implied by belief in God because when the belief implies free will and that evil is the result of sin and that we need to have the chance to sacrifice to be good which we get thanks to evil which means that suffering is punishment for it says that happiness is a sin. Even if you hold that we punish ourselves by misusing free will and choosing evil you still end up vindictively stating that everybody deserves what they get.
Forgiveness is basic in relation to fighting evil for God says we all sin and we need to be forgiven by him before he will accept our works and accept us. Forgiveness is refusing to punish a deliberate offence and says it has been repented so the punishment should be cancelled. Forgiveness is an evil thing because we all know that we only go for what we think and feel is best. The person we aim to forgive for doing evil is just wrong about what is best. They are not evil. They deserve help not punishment. Forgiveness says we should be punished for our evil though it refuses to administer that punishment. It agrees we should be punished even if for some reason punishment is cancelled or suspended. Sincere error is not punishable. A forgiving God is a vindictive God until you repent. And his devotees are to be as bad.
Imagine there could be a God over this world. Suppose he is not vindictive at all. Then he would make sure that people were most likely to disbelieve that sin exists. But religion cannot endorse that view for then there would be no God for the excuse for God allowing evil is that he wants us to sin if we choose to would be refuted. God implies approval for forgiveness and forgiveness is a manifestation of disguised hatred.

Another excuse is that suffering increases virtues like patience and compassion if not in the sufferer then in the carers. But only their choice can make it do that. And then it is not the suffering that does it but the choice. It is cruel to say you should hit somebody in order that their mother may pity them and this is just what this excuse for God is saying.

Another excuse is that there would be chaos if God intervened to protect us against suffering all the time. Not true. A force field around us would be all that was needed.

Another excuse is that we need evil so as to be able to know what happiness is. You can be happy without remembering that suffering exists so you can be happy without suffering.

Another excuse is that evil is required by God to give us material benefits. For example, he causes earthquakes in order to persuade us to move away from high-risk areas. But who made the faults in the earth’s crust? Who made the viruses that so cruelly kill us? He could have given us the material benefits in the first place. This excuse denies that God is intelligent.

Another excuse is that evil is allowed for it drives us back to God for it shows us we cannot manage without him. So God sends things like earthquakes to teach us that we have to live by his commandments to survive. That is like killing somebody to show them they need you. Them needing you and not acting as if they do would be the lesser evil there.

Another excuse is that evil is non-existent and is just the absence of good. Believers say that God doesn’t make evil for evil is not a thing like goodness is a thing but is simply a lack. They say that if God made evil as a power, God would be evil. They see evil as the misuse of good, good falling short of what it could be and not a power. So they say that God does not make evil for evil cannot be made in the same way tea can be made. They refuse to admit that evil is bad and that is what matters not if it is a power or a lack. They are just making excuses.
We can feel happy or unhappy or in-between which is the same as feeling both. Unhappiness is a feeling in its own right and just as real as happiness. To say that God isn’t doing wrong by letting unhappiness happen for it is just the absence of happiness and not real is simply hard faced. Unhappiness is more than just the absence of happiness just like happiness is more than the absence of unhappiness. If unhappiness is the mere absence of happiness then why can’t we say that happiness isn’t real and is just the absence of unhappiness. In this way, the excuse denies that happiness is good so it is against reason. But that doesn’t matter to religion which must condone divine evil at all costs.

The only way to avoid these facts is to say that evil is not unhappiness (or that unhappiness isn’t bad or evil) in order to be able to say that good is the absence of evil. That has to be said in order to help belief in God keep its illusion of ringing true. If you say that it is not evil to be unhappy then it follows that morality is meaningless rules and making people feel good doesn’t matter one bit. It’s a recipe for a religion of pure evil.

Another excuse is that there is no limit to how much good there can be and since created things are not God they cannot be perfect no matter how good they are. Still no excuse for all the suffering we see here on earth.

Another excuse is that evil is necessary for warning us about the terribleness of sin. This presupposes that evil is the result of sin and that we have to see the results before we appreciate how serious sin is. But the whole point of sin is that you have to know that it is bad and how bad it is before you can commit it. You don’t need to see the results. Evil or sin is disorder. You cannot sin or intend evil without intending to bring the power of disorder into your action and your world. If you don’t understand that sin is disorder then you cannot sin for if you should do evil things you don’t know what you are doing and so are not to be condemned.

Another excuse is that God can let us suffer now as long as he makes it up later on in Heaven or on earth. That is plain cruel.

Another excuse implied by the obvious silliness of the others is that evil is good when God does it regardless of how vindictive it is. It often takes the form of the argument: “God is God and not man and not subject to the same morals that man has.” But we have feelings and superiority cannot give God the right to treat us horribly.

Saying that evil is a mystery, is a euphemism for this stance for we should be able to think of a moral reason or two why a good God might allow evil to subsist. To say we are clueless about why evil is allowed to happen and then to praise the God who allows evil to happen is just stubbornly condoning and making excuses for divine evil. People say if a person does evil and you have some indications that they are doing it for a good reason that is fine. But nobody says you should assume they are doing good in the absence of such indications.


The mystery doctrine might claim there is an unknown reason but it may be inclusive of the other reasons given or some of them.  For example, it may seem that a God sending harm to a baby for you to help the baby is problematic so you could say, "Something is happening there that is making it right after all?"  So remember the mystery doctrine is an excuse for getting any of the other bad excuses to look acceptable.

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