If God cannot be connected to morality then he or it is a non-moral and consequently non-religious subject. Making him of huge importance or ultimate importance in that case would be a sign of an obsession or superstition. To promote him as moral when you think inside he is not is just trying to use him as a tool for manipulating others.

Some say morality is a person and the person is God. This is the idea that morality makes no sense at all without God. Moral values such as justice and love are a person so to worship that person or to worship them is the same thing.

Some say you need a God to look after justice and love and administer them.

Some say that something put the ideas of justice and love in us and so that must have been God.
Those are the three approaches.

All of these ideas can be held together. However the notion that God takes the authority to administer morality and puts moral ideas in us makes him a God of power for what gives him the right to do that? We are forced to keep going back to the notion that God is morality and morality is God like the way the book is the law and the law is the book. The other two then by themselves are cynical and manipulative.

Believers cannot tell you if they see God as just a celestial policeman. It shows he wants to catch you out and they want you to be caught out. It is discouraging and takes the joy out of living. Instead of God just observing you he is keeping an eye on what you are doing. The moral argument is just a scam for hiding this policeman God behind a religious and philosophical disguise.

If God is those moral values we talked about then there are three options.

Is he forced? We know that those who say morality is nonsense are just using a different version of the same morality. For example, if you say there is no justice you say that it is unjust to say there is so you are forced to bend the knee to justice and love. You cannot get rid of them but only distort. So God cannot get of them either. God then is not really God. Morality is a brute fact and he like the rest of us is unable to do anything about it. It does not care what we are or what we think.

Is he a being who can be evil but who chooses to be good? He would have to be if he is “real” morality. A God who is forced puts us off but one that freely and spontaneously is good is one we can relate to. But that God is not an option.

Or is he a a moral subjectivist? Are his values only his preferences? Is morality not about real justice or love but about feelings we call justice and love? If he is not then what? He might not be that but we might all approach him as if he is perhaps without realising it. As nobody likes God being forced that implies they do see him that way. I may as well make up morality out of thin air if he is doing it. God believers telling me not to are oppressing me.

The notion of morality being God suffers from how no answers to, "How can that be?" exist. It's just a statement. It is just words that don't really mean anything. They are not about helping. If this was truly about honouring morality the help would be real.

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