Miracles and the claim that they are a Waste of our Psychic Power

The following is an argument that miracles involve improper use of psychic power

A miracle is what is not naturally possible. For example, even nature can't turn sand into living cells. If it happens, then the supernatural is behind it.

We came to this world to primarily help people by using our bodies and using material things rather than our spiritual powers. Running after miracles and apparitions or seeking them is wrong.

A miracle is merely a sign that a miracle can happen. It is not a sign that any particular religion is true.

Religion says that a miracle is an act that can only be attributed to God and not natural causes. For example, it is natural for lightning to strike but it is supernatural if when a man has lost a leg and a new one appears instantly.

Miracles are necessarily rare for they are meant to be extraordinary. If a miracle happens too often it is not a miracle anymore. If we lived in a world where nobody died, somebody dying would be a miracle. See the point? It is true that extraordinary claims need to be supported by evidence that is equally extraordinary in quality. To deny that is to make a negative affirmation. "Doctrine matters more than my right to have evidence. I am not worth much. The more good evidence I have the more in tune with reality and my intelligence I am."

The miracle is to be condemned. It is people warping nature through misusing the law of attraction. This is a tragic waste of energy. It takes vastly more power to instantly heal somebody than it does to kick-start their immune system to make them healthier. Instead of instantly curing a person from say cancer, natural law is to be arrested and compelled to heal the person gradually and naturally. Then there would be more power left to help someone else. This way there is power we can use to help somebody else as well.

It is true that there is enough power to help everybody. But our ability to take that power and use it properly is restricted by our fears and doubts and beliefs. We still have to avoid wasting energy.

Miracles are only good for showing the law of attraction is powerful. However they must not be sought. They may be studied in order that our faith in the law of attraction may be strengthened.

The miracle implies that raising the dead and making apparitions appear is more important than a person who does tremendous harm suddenly becoming good and noble. It is more concerned about religious doctrine than people. And yet any doctrine taught by a religious miracle is plainly dubious. A God of truth is not the originator of miracle.

Also, if somebody is raised from the dead by distorting nature, that shows us the power we have and encourages some to try and develop that power for harmful purposes. Because of the stories about Jesus and his resurrection, many of us send harmful energy into the universe. People need to stop following miracle-working religions and those that teach miracle doctrines such as the resurrection of Jesus.

Miracle is an attempt by psychic energy to change the way nature works. We need nature to be stable for our own good. Hidden miracles that work behind the scenes are fine but obvious miracles threaten the normal operation of nature.

We need to campaign against the promotion of miracle for we can't risk somebody gaining miracle power and using it to trigger a nuclear war.

We must use the law of attraction to prevent miracles. We must attract powers that prevent them.

Evaluation: If psychic power exists then the argument that miracles are about empowering religious doctrine and not helping people is true. They involve marrying evil and irresponsibility. They waste the energy on a religious parlour trick (if you can do trickery why can't you use psychic power for trickery as well?) when they could be curing a dying child. If they don't waste because there is no such thing as psychic power then perhaps they intend to waste.

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