There is no such thing as a wasted life!

See that no life is a waste. Life is valuable just because it is life. See all life as intrinsically and potentially useful and your self-confidence will grow.

Religion says life comes from God and this is why it is valuable. But life is life and it doesn't matter who it comes from. If a baby was made by pure chance in a lab that baby is as important as a baby born from a loving family. The life from God argument is a subtle way of saying life is useless and a curse and that you need to theorise that there is a God who makes life in order to salve this sense of life being nothing special.

Experience gives value to life not faith. You need to experience life as valuable for experience is stronger than faith.

Some say, "There is more to life than this life. A person who is lazy in one life may not have been lazy in the last. Nobody can judge anybody's life to be a waste. Even if the person seems to have done nothing at all for anybody else, that person could have put enough good spiritual energy into the cosmos to tip the scales of good energy and bad in favour of the good and do amazing good. Nobody is an island. Nobody is to be thought of as useless. The person in a hospital bed who cannot move at all or talk can project love and goodness into the world invisibly by prayer or even psychic energy. ." Arguments like this, like the argument that life is useless unless there is a God, are based on failure to see the intrinsic value of life. They are based on human desperation and fear. Religion is the product of fear.

Truly valuing people sees the good they do or can do as entirely their own power. It is disrespectful to them to say that they help the world by praying to God or with God's help. See them as the agents of good and nothing else and especially not a God who is called on by prayer.

Are we born in the situation that will best help us to evolve?

The answer is that it doesn't matter. Whatever situation we are born into, we must walk through it and achieve our full potential.

Even if it were true that we were in the best situation for us to evolve, it is not say that the suffering that happens in life should be welcomed. When we experience suffering we are to defy it and use it to make ourselves even better and kinder people. Sometimes we won’t evolve in a life but that is our own fault.

Some people claim that you are in fact entitled to nothing at all. But if that is true, then you are not entitled to see this. You are not even entitled to believe in God. You are entitled to a lot of things - but it is better to think of yourself as merely un-entitled to the accessories that are available in life such as loads of money, a big house etc. One thing you are entitled to is the right to be allowed to turn over a new leaf if you have lived a bad life. The doctrine of God is based on saccharine passive aggression. It is based on the notion that you are not entitled to have a relationship with him or he with you. So it is lucky if he does and he can still be good even if he never shows any concern for you or your needs. If you are a missionary for this God, you want to manipulate people to adopt a harmful doctrine because you have something against them.

Nobody can judge that a life was a waste. A person who sat on the couch all day is still valuable for his or her life is intrinsically valuable. It is better to have a person with unused potential than a person with no potential at all. The person is not a waste though he or she could have done better.

We are basically good for we do all we do because we perceive it as good. Even when we do wrong, we are attracted by the good in the wrong. We cannot help perceiving good. It is nonsense to say we need to believe in God to believe in good. We love good just because it is good and we cannot change. God has nothing to do with it. Whoever says different wants to make us exercise counterfeit good.

Nobody is useless!

If you see other people as useless, you are co-operating with a human mind-set that could lead people to see you as useless. Respect yourself to respect others.

Religion says your life is never a waste because you are loved by God. Religion cannot tell you why you are supposedly lovable or why God loves you. Answers such as that he loves you because you are made in his image or because you are a person are hollow. If God loves you because you are like him in some way that is not loving you properly. He should love you whether you are like him or not. What is wrong with the idea that God loves you simply because you are a person? You want him to love you because you are you and not just because you are a person. Loving you because you are you is not the same as loving you because you are a person. But there is nothing terribly wrong for loving a person for being a person. But you would expect a perfect god to love you for being you.

There is a more serious problem. If God loves you because you are you or because you are a person, then it follows that you are to be valued for yourself and because you are valuable. If you are really valuable, whether there is a God or not then you will still be valuable. Being a person means being entitled to be cared for. It means that by default. It would be crazy to say a person exists to be hurt needlessly or to be treated with indifference. This takes us to what the problem is. The problem is that God is irrelevant. Bringing him in to give human beings worth and dignity encapsulates the following attitude: "Humans are worthless and to make myself think they are not I need a crutch. That crutch is the god theory."

What about the notion that God loves you because you need love? That would be pity more than love and an insult. You would feel patronised when God offers you his love and when his church does. The Church claims to be sinful. The biggest and most popular sin is the wrong kind of love. People like this sin for it makes them look good. So you can assume that believers are extremely likely to be condescending though they might not seem to be when they claim to love you and care for you. They are even more likely if they claim to be trying to help you give up your sins. You will sense this as they claim to love the sinner and not the sin - when they claim to hate the sin.

The problems with God's love prove that the doctrine of everlasting punishing in Hell is spiteful. Believers are lying when they say it agrees with God's love for they do not really believe in that love. They are simply condoning the evil of God. If God really exists, they commit a horrendous blasphemy against him.

You should only be loved because you are lovable. That means the notion of sin and being evil must be rejected. The "bad person" does not exist. What you have is not people causing great suffering but their mistakes causing great suffering.

It is more important to feel your life has worth than to believe it. This feeling comes first - not God.

Life is valuable just because it is life and not because there might be a God. 

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