Religion when it hails war heroes

The Bible is a disgrace for it hails as heroes terrorists like Samson, vandals like Jesus (he went insane in the Temple and attacked people), and warring Lords such as Saul and David and Solomon.  Moses waged war against his own people by capital punishment.  It is a fact that believers in capital punishment see it as the state warring against the criminals within.

Aside from the Bible, religion hails war heroes today.  War Memorials are dotted all over the world and the Church blesses them and holds religious ceremonies at them and even preaches on the virtues of the glorious dead.

The state is never a noble thing but an okay thing and is only there for it would be worse without it.  The state honours war heroes too.  The soldier is used by the state and dies and the state gives him dubious self-serving honour.

 It is one thing for the state to grant such honour but another for religion to do it. For something that regards life as sacred, it should not be honouring anyone if there is the faintest chance that person did not deserve the honour. A war “hero” in the battlefield cannot run and so has no choice but to fight. It is not about justice any more at all. So there are no war heroes. Also what if the war is not a just war and some wars are only uncovered as unjust after years of being categorised as just? A just war becomes an unjust one as soon as it starts for there is no going back and it cannot be about justice any more.  The breakdown in law means terrible things will happen that were not foreseen.

A war hero cannot be honoured without his war being honoured.  Religion dances on the graves of the dead and uses the heroes for its own dubious virtue-signalling glory.

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