Bible God ordered that virgins are to marry their rapist.  YET Jesus banned these child brides from divorcing.  Most marriages then were of children.  He banned divorce to the extent of saying females spouses should not divorce even though they had no right legally.  He was taking no chances.  Did Joseph then claim to have raped Mary?  She was pregnant with Jesus we are told during the engagement and then he married her while supposedly thinking the Holy Spirit impregnated her.

When Jesus supposedly changed water into wine at the wedding of Cana, ask yourself what age the bride and groom were.  The groom was not consulted about the need for wine for he was a young boy.  Children were forced into these arranged marriages.  And nobody mentions the underage drinking issue...

And when we read that Jesus failed to denounce the stoning of adulterous females, we think of adults who slept with another man.  Not necessarily.  They were often young malnourished battered children who were forced to wed who may simply have kissed another boy.

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