Getting clerics and church groups to affirm that binary texts and scriptures belong to their time and are no longer valid is essential.  Gospel readings where Jesus said man is made for his wife for life and divorce is impossible in reality for God set it up for man and woman to unite sexually attacks both female autonomy and nonbinary and genderfluid and genderless people and calls trans invalid.  We all accept nobody with dangerous opinions should be allowed to harm those who may come to them.

As an atheist, I see nature not as an authority or sacred thing but as a mere undesigned pattern.  For that reason, it is up to each person to make themselves.  The notion that children need protecting from medical transition assumes wrongly that letting things run their course is best.  It is in fact best not to be a mere pawn and take control.  Detransitioners are really gender fluid and are an argument FOR medical affirmation for trans children not AGAINST!

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