Science is not done by building the strongest case you can for a claim using evidence and reason and mathematics.  It is done by continually building the strongest case against all claims and observing what is left standing.  The process of elimination paves the way.  THEN you look at building the case for one particular claim.  Thus evolution rejects the notion of any intelligence having any part in it.  If religion says this still leaves room for God, it leaves room then for one that just sets things up to run themselves so why is he hiding?  And who wants a God who does not get involved? It is not a God but a creator.  It is not even a friend.  It is just there.




State what you are testing.  Think of different explanations.  You are working out theories to find ways to explain.  Now you must come up with systematic tests.  Test all the theories now.  You are testing to disprove them.  The worst ones go to the bottom of the pile.  What is left now?  There must be some that stand out as the relatively resistant to disproof.  Now look at the evidence.  The one with the best is the one that you must treat as the right one.  It has the best chance of being correct.





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