Why is it that if you live in a mansion and throw millions around like it was loose change that nobody tells you that everything happens for a reason?  If you lose the house and the money it will be sure to be said then.  The statement is begrudging.  It is passive aggressive.

Many who say it are thinking of the law of attraction.  That says that you are a creator, the God, of what happens to you.  You create your reality.  So if you think somebody will die and it happens you killed them.  So this tells you not to complain.  Don't critique.  And others have nothing AT ALL to do with what happens to you.  If somebody helps you, it is really how you summoned the help with the right thoughts so it is you.  What happens to you is always deserved.  Or if you do not like that word you still brought it on yourself.  That alone gives others permission, a mandate perhaps, to overlook your needs.  They may say, "We just will leave him and go to other people.  It is his own fault."  In fact, if they think your mind has done great damage they will not feel safe going near you anyway.

As you are not an island, the others around you are hurt over you as well. It is down to you.  You are blamed for everything.  This is outrageously cruel.

If you cannot complain about another the you cannot praise them either.  The law of attraction doctrine turns others into pawns for you, they are not people.  The doctrine despite the veneer is one of the most evil doctrines of all time.  The thinking is behind the "God does not make mistakes" proverb.  The suggestion that if you sell hard drugs and kill people and see the harm you have done then God made you a dealer for your lessons.  The saying is pure virtue signalling for where is your empathy with the bereaved and the ruined lives?   Any concerns about evil and suffering happening so much under God's supposed watch are brushed aside.

Interestingly, when told that the law of attraction does not work the person may blame you or say there is a multiverse.  The other you in another world is getting all the benefits so it is worth it after all.  This is saying, "You are dying of a terminal disease but that is only in this universe.  If you could see how well off you are in the multiverse you would not care."  The person who says that to you or even thinks it does not know what the word care means.

Many think that all things are inherently one.  They are one energy or God. The God word may be dropped in favour of "the universe."  This rejects dualisms such as good versus evil. It denies they are really opposites.  Male is not the opposite of female.  Correct is not the opposite of incorrect.  Everything is joined together. Fundamentally and essentially and ultimately interconnected.  It is no loose connection.

Notably you can believe in some dualisms and not others.  You can hold that there is no moral good or evil as such but only grey while still holding to a strict binary of man and woman.

Dualisms are a problem at times. Religion invents ideas such as the Holy Spirit and your flesh being at war and the body and soul being enemies. This is very stress inducing and leads to trouble and fighting.  It makes you look for threats everywhere.

Denial of all dualism and saying all things are really just the same in the end says that if you think you exist as your own person you are under an illusion.  You are lying to yourself.  If a lie ultimately is really not different from the truth in the end that should not matter.

People look back over terrible things that happened to them and say in the end it was worth it.

There is a difference between you saying that about your life but you have no right to influence others to say that about theirs.  So religion and the Bible are bad for saying different.

They forget the plural.  They think they had an experience over time that was worth it in the end.  They did not.  They had experiences.  The horror of some of them will have faded. 

Now it is cheating to say something was worth it just because things are good now.  It was luck that got you through it.   If you lose your leg to save your life, that does not make it worth it.  It means that many factors worked in spite of that and they are what is worth it.

Reject "everything happens for a reason".  Soon you get blind to how terrible something is and will be.  It is a flippant thing to say to anybody.  You are not privy to what their suffering is like for them.

Everybody should have some cut off point: if x happens then I will deny that everything has a good or okay purpose.  That is only honesty and openness.

Belief in God who makes all and owns all rules that out so God is a bad belief and you cannot preach it without harming at least some.

Plus nobody tells you what the reason is for sure.  And a reason is too neat.  Why don't they say reasons?  Each event and each thing is not a thing but a collection of things.  Focusing on one thing as the reason could be focusing on what you think is the reason and you miss out on the real reasons or on the consolation of seeing the better ones.

"God will never give you more than you can handle" blames the person and judges the person if he or she cannot handle it.  The close relative, "Faith helps you face all trials", does the same thing.  It gets the person to blame themselves.  And who gave you the right to speak for God and to speak in this situation?

The notion that even if God does, it will come to an end and he will fix things is still toxic.  It says, "Chin up" when things could not get any worse.  It blames you for adding to the situation with your lack of trust in God.

Christianity rejects the law of attraction on the face of it.  But in fact it has its own version.  "Learn to make the fact that God is with you no matter what your core value.  Then you will be rich no matter how poor you are for you have what you want.  Then you will be suffering terribly from a disease and dealing with it by the knowledge that being without God is the only real illness, the only illness that really matters."  That blames your perception.  Jesus advocated that by saying we should be all for God and take no worry for the morrow as long as we have God.


















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