Some self-help systems say we must visualise things into existence.
They teach, "You must believe that you create your thoughts. To believe there is a God who can plant thoughts in your head is to fail to take credit for your self-development and your independence.
Thoughts influence feelings. If you think negatively about life and the people who live among you, you will feel bad. The only thing you have absolute control over now is what kind of thought you are going to have. Have a positive thought and confirm it with good and positive affirmations. A positive affirmation sows a seed that grows into something wonderful. The more you believe that, the faster the seed will grow. One form of thought involves seeing images in your mind. This is visualisation. Visualisation is picturing things in the eye of your mind.
Everybody needs to sit down in peace and quiet. If you use this me-time to de-stress, you might want to do some visualising.
Visualisation is the best kind of affirmation or use of the law of attraction. Intending the picture to become real and believe that it can. And it will become real. Here is an example. You would picture yourself being successful, nice, healthy, helpful and happy in your mind as realistically as possible. Never visualise the means. Visualise the goal. The goal is what is important. It doesn't matter how your goals happen. It is the goal that matters. Don't waste energy on worrying about how what you want shall come to be. Trust in your power to do it the best way and trust in yourself. Then you won't be disappointed."
It is forgotten that if you visualise yourself sitting in a mansion you have to visualise detail. You may visualise a black marble fireplace the size of a small shed. If this detail does not hinder your success with visualisation but in fact helps it, then you are making the details part of what you want. You will get what you see. If you forget next week it was a black fireplace and see a stove what happens then? If such detail makes no difference then why not picture how you are going to get this house as well? Maybe you will win millions in the lotto or an ultra-rich crank will leave you a huge inheritance randomly?
Incredibly we are taught, "If a person has cancer, it is a mistake to visualise the healthy cells eating up and killing the cancer. That is violence. It is embracing the wrong kind of good. Instead, visualise the healthy cells putting out the hand of friendship to the cancer cells which then are filled with love and become healthy cells too. Don't use anything but pure good in your affirmations and visualising."

Surely even if visualisation does work it does not work completely all the time? Perhaps there is not enough visualisation done to get the right result? Perhaps one visualisation is undermined by another? It follows then that maybe you are only turning a few cells healthy. The danger with that is that is that if your visualisation seems to bring you no results, a believer will still maintain it worked and the fault was yours in some way.

And if your nice cells are so sweet to the bad ones, their goal is to sweeten the bad ones into becoming good ones. That is manipulation especially when they are so sure the bad ones will respond. They are do-gooder hypocrites. In reality, the sweet cells would dialogue with the bad ones and there would be the risk that the bad ones choose not to respond. This again gives visualisation believers a cop-out if the visualisation fails to achieve much or anything.

And the reality is that sometimes we need to use violence against violence. For example, a sharp word - a form of violence - should be used against an unruly child.

You need strong proof before you can have vulnerable people putting their hope in magic. It is disgusting.

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