The Prophet Muhammad once said that if you are told something and you tell it to somebody else without thinking about it first and checking it out in case it is not true or exaggerated then telling it makes you a liar. Muslims would do well to listen to him!
The Hadith has its answer for today's "liberals" who ban criticism of Islam as if it can adopt things like same sex marriage, pacifism and so on. Liberals never do their homework and then pontificate more than any fundamentalist would dare. Sahih Bukhari 3:49:861 says the prophet banned innovation or novelties. Sunan Ibn Majah 1:1:14 and 1:1:50 says God rejects the good deeds of innovators until they give up the innovation for Islam does not change or improve.
Liberals seem to define religion as a placebo and a crutch for getting yourself to do good and that is where their problem lies. In Quran 46:8-9 Muhammad says he brings no new doctrines and is only a warner and revealer from God. He adds that “I know not what shall be done with me or with you.” This refers to his ultimate fate – he is not sure if he is going to Heaven or Hell. This warns against religion being used as a crutch or a placebo. It is about God and not about making anybody happy or consoled though if they are that is a good thing.
Mohammad Sidique Khan testified in his suicide video that he supported Islamic terrorism and murdered people and was about to murder himself out of love for God and Islam. He was a homegrown Muslim of the United Kingdom and the leader in the 2005 London Bombings.

“I and thousands like me are forsaking everything for what we believe. Our driving motivation doesn’t come from tangible commodities that this world has to offer. Our religion is Islam, obedience to the one true God, Allah and follow in the footsteps of the final prophet and messenger Muhammad."
He gave his life for his testimony yet liars pretend that Islam is a religion of peace denying that it can be interpreted in a pro-violence way. A holy book means a book that is to be honoured as the revelation of God and thus it is to be praised and loved. A religion that takes violent texts from God and puts them into its scripture is responsible if any crank starts appealing to those texts in support of murder and violence. Its being generally a religion of peace does not erase the fact that it is irresponsible and has a share of the blame. Islam is being whitewashed by even by some Christians as a religion that detests violence. Christianity has always whitewashed itself for its scriptures are even worse than the Quran in terms of endorsing religious fanaticism so it is not surprising that it whitewashes Islam.
Many cry after the latest religious atrocity: “Terror has no religion. No terrorist is really religious or a member of religion. He does not represent the religious community he may claim to represent. Do not blame the religious community at all.”
Do they hope that Muslims will not join Islamic State if they think it is not Islamic? Even if it is not Islamic it is still for Muslims. A golf club made up of Muslims is not Islamic either!
However, it is rare for a religious leader to claim that the IS religious terrorist in his flock is nothing to do with the religion at all.
If a terrorist acting in the name of a religion is not a Christian or Muslim or whatever then what is he? He must be something. Even if he is not devout he could still be Christian or Muslim. And it is possible to kill for a religion on religious grounds and not be a member of that religion. A person who is not Catholic and has fallen in love with Catholicism could in theory still kill for the Church.
Islam does not teach that you can assess how good a tree is by its fruits. That is a Christian stance. To become Muslim you simply believe that God gave the Quran to Muhammad and God alone is to be worshipped. Repentance is not even asked for in order to become or stay Muslim. A simple sorry to God saves you from Hell so it is too easy. Plus if you do enough good deeds the bad do not matter in Islam to God at all. Good deeds such as saving life and stopping terrorism is not an important commandment in Islam. The six pillars of Islam spell out the Muslim’s top obligations and the sacredness of life is not one of them. The sixth pillar sanctions holy war. Even if just war in self-defense is fine it should not be made a pillar of a religion. It is to be treated as a necessary evil and better commandments could take its place. A just war is just like terrorism that is supposedly just. Giving a warlike command such respect that it becomes a pillar of faith shows that if there is opposition to terrorism then it rings hollow.
Thus a terrorist can be a proper Muslim even if Islam is against terrorism. The religion opens the door to accepting terrorists as members and thus is responsible even if it never sends them out to kill. You don't have to send your child out to batter the dog to be to blame if she does.

Islam stresses that all male believers who submit to God are equal before Allah which is why all are put at the same level during public worship. Obviously this transcends differences between believers in a mosque who are okay with some terrorism or with starting a war to eradicate another faith. A real religion of peace would downgrade such individuals.
Islam affirms the law of an eye for an eye and the Quran is clear that it means it literally. Islam allows vengeful punishment such as eye for an eye. This is not making the punishment fit the crime as Muslims say. An eye for an eye may look like it balances the scales but is in fact too harsh and does the victim no good.
The Muslim god says, "We ordained for them therein a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds is legal retribution. But whoever gives up his right as charity, it is an expiation for him. Whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, then it is those who are the wrongdoers. Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:45. Those who ban an eye for an eye are condemned as wrongdoers. Notice the text is clear that the law is still in force.
A religion that leads to cultures that kill apostates or heretics, mutilates baby girls and too many terrible things that make pagan culture look good is not a good religion. Islam doesn't have to regard Muhammad as perfect but it does and that is bad for he was vengeful even to the point of murder and even if polygamy is a necessary evil it does not mean that one claiming to be a prophet should be doing it. His traditions spell out rules that are terrible and worse than the Quran.
Society often thinks ethical system when it reads the word religion. Not all religions are concerned at their core with ethics. Evangelical Christianity tells you that if you know it can be done then sin and ask Jesus for forgiveness on your deathbed and you will be saved and enjoy eternal life. Some feel a religion that is not at core an ethical system is not a religion at all. It doesn't have to be only an ethical system but ethics have to be indispensible.
There is no command or advice to forgive everybody who hurts you in Islam. There is nothing saying that you can forgive because God generously forgave you so you can forgive in joy. That omission is no small thing.
Islam has a membership that knows the holy book better than Christians know the Bible. It is required to study the Quran and as the book is short it is easy to familarise with being read at Friday prayers and on other occasions. Also the media does not hide the violence commanded by the book. Many Christians thus know that holy book better than they know their own.
Islam is infamous for its derogatory attitude towards women. 
Women are often made to wear the nijab. The burqa hides the woman from head to toe and she has to look out through a fabric grille. The burqa deprives women of their humanity and their ability to express it. It negates the personality and makes her a thing. She becomes a thing, less than human. She is becomes a mindless non-entity. She is stripped of personality. She cannot have any right to exist except as a chattel. A woman who freely wears a burqa to protest against the licentious sexploitation of western women is being a hypocrite. And perhaps a bitter jealous one! She might pretend that she wants to remain uncontaminated by the sex obsessed western culture. Better to have your tits out and be a sex object than be a personality less thing in a burqa. A female porn star is less of an object than a woman wearing a tent. The woman who is forced to wear a burqa by men is being treated as an object by men. These men and rapists have one thing in common. For them, women are not women but objects.
Islam gets its rabid sexism and male chauvinism from the book it says is the word of God – the Quran.

The Quran lays it down that a woman can only inherit half of what a man would inherit (4:10).
It is mad how the book forbids marrying your foster mother saying that this is what God wills (4:20-24). The ban says nothing about it being permissible when it does no harm and arouses little or no conflict so it is an iron law.
If a man marries a slave girl and she commits adultery she is given half the punishment a free woman would get for that (4:25). That is silly.

4:34 says that God has made men the bosses of women because he made them superior and they spend their money on looking after them. This is outrageous for many women are smarter and stronger than men. It is plain male chauvinism. Worse, the Quran prescribes beatings for wives who husbands fear will disobey them. This proves that nobody can say the book just meant that the custom is for women to be inferior to men even though they are equal. Nothing forced Muhammad to make this law. And he could have just said nothing about the custom if it was just that for to promote a bad custom would be preventing any improvement. And if a man can batter his wives to reduce the risk of them rebelling – something they might never do – then he is allowed to beat them for the least fault.
Islam has women covering their faces as if their faces were genitals. It says showing the face is indecent. This denies that women are people. It says they are just genitals. This is an obscene insult to all women. The face represents personhood and to cover it denies personhood.
The evidence for the Islam being God's religion and its holy book his infallible word is poor. The mere fact that the book expects so much obedience of people and orders many evil and bigoted things to be done in the name of God and can't convince us that it is God's word clearly tells us that it is NOT God's word. Some Christians and Muslims read violent nasty scripture texts as speaking only of peace - that needs to be seen what it is: a form of psychosis. It is excellent and infallible evidence of mental illness unless they are being dishonest.

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