There is a Germany based religion called by many different names but mainly universal life. Another title is Christ-Friends. Another is the Inner Religion. Another is the Primordial Christians.

It has a Gospel of Jesus that is claimed to be a divinely inspired and divinely revealed and historically accurate account of the life and teaching of Christ. But the books nearest to Jesus’ time have more authority than a late work. And the Jesus in this appalling gospel of karma and New Age insanity and pantheism has barely anything in common with the one invented by Christians many centuries ago.

This gospel and religion are really down to the prophetess, Gabrielle of Wurzburg. Her spiritistic revelations and not history or science are the only evidence given for belief in this cult that demands obedience unto death and whether they are evidence or not they are insufficient.

In an important publication, Where Did I Come From? – Where am I Going? I find many disturbing doctrines and just as many errors.

It says we have an earth-life for by living here we learn (page 24). But lessons should not have to be so cruel. When every thought is caused by the one before and/or external stimuli and not by the will the lessons could be loaded into our minds making the need for schooling the hard way superfluous. We are forced anyway in our thoughts so why not? Thoughts cause the will so if we had good thoughts we would always be good so sin is God’s fault. How can we help sufferers if they are here to learn? Why should we? If they learned their lessons they would be healthy and happy.

On page 30, the Holy Spirit says that blood transfusions are not condoned and transplants disgust him even more. Getting somebody’s blood or organs is supposed to have a bad effect on you and undermines the harmony in your nature. They mean that it harms your spirit body. We read the astonishing statement, “No one has the right to blame his fellowman or condemn him because of a decision he makes, because we should always respect the free will of the other person” (page 30). This is in relation to the transfusions and transplant issue. But you cannot say that anybody who decided to do evil and have a transplant or transfusion should not be condemned because of the use of free will. The whole point about free will is to make abuse possible so that love (voluntary love) would be possible and what use is love if you cannot judge when it is there or not there? What use would free will have if you couldn’t judge? It is not free will that has anything to do with not judging but its denial. And moreover, when all things are one spiritual force like pantheism says it is nonsense to speak of free will existing. Anyway, on the next page a doctor who keeps a child alive artificially is said to be at fault! I’m afraid there is a double-standard there.

Cremation is condemned because if the person is not spiritually developed the burning will be painful (page 35). But decay must be painful too and worse for it is slower.

Researching ancestors is forbidden for thinking of the dead draws them away from the spiritual planets they should be on and towards the earth (page 37). Then on the next page we read about the great spiritual helpers they have who are untiring in working for their greater happiness. They are not doing much of a job when they can’t stop our thoughts pulling the dead back. And would the dead really want to be back in earth over ancestor research?

The book says that there are no coincidences (page 31) but still it says that suicide is bad for it is dying earlier than when you are meant to go (page 40). It says that suicide brings about bad karma for a long time. But nobody kills themselves for they are only trying to kill the pain. This doctrine of the Universal Life is callous.

The cult has adopted the Christian love of suffering for it says that when you get sick you ought to be grateful (page 42).

The Holy Spirit does not like anybody taking pain-killers (page 42). But they are allowed under extreme circumstances when they prevent the patient from thinking about and loving God (page 42). But the patient can still try and want to do it. God does not care about your successes but your efforts. The prayers you can’t say are the best. The Universal Life God values success more than effort in this matter.

Page 55 says that food affects the development of the soul. The Spirit recommends that all be vegans.

With false understanding, we are told that it will not be possible to stop eating meat overnight. That is nonsense for meat is not like alcohol or cigarettes. The book argues that being a vegan isn’t about making your body healthy but about avoiding the crime of murder by killing an animal for food. And yet it says we may do that as long as we cut down gradually until we eat no meat at all. Would you say that to a person who ate people? How could the soul develop when you eat meat at all believing that it is murder when you could avoid meat entirely? Also the day after you eat two sausages you eat a sausage when you could eat half a sausage how could you be developing your soul for you are not doing your best for it? Does the sect not believe that evil acts are more defiling and damaging than the material affects of what you eat on your soul?

In a book called, His Eye, the Bookkeeping of God, it is asserted that incarnations are prepared in this world and in the spirit world and that we predetermine our future and even what genes we will carry!
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