When the Christian faith left Judaism the narrative is that it was thrown out.  The New Testament does say there were fights and disputes but it also says the Jews to an extent sought dialogue.  It does not mention an excommunication.

In Acts 15 the apostles clearly without any authority from Judaism or Jewish organised religion start legislating and altering Jewish practice.

This is schism.  The break with Judaism is too stark and too nasty.  The end result cannot claim to be a Church that is about unity and peace.  And yet that is what it boasts it is by calling itself Catholic.

Catholicity is held by Catholics to be a mark that designates them as the true Church of God. The word Catholic means universal. To grasp what the word Catholic means we should do what Father Richard P McBrien recommended on page 3 of his tome, Catholicism. We should look for the word that is opposite to Catholic and that word is sectarian. The Catholic Church can be considered sectarian in doctrine and in practice. And especially in the darker implications of its teaching that it prefers to say little about. For example, most Catholics believe women should be ordained as priests. These Catholics should be excluded from the Church for wanting to be more inclusive to women. Why? Because, and only if, the Church is right to say that if women are ordained their ordination won't be valid and the power to give the sacraments will be lost so desiring women priests is to desire to destroy the Church.

Catholic means not that all are in the Church but that the Church belongs to all, that all ought to join it. Outsiders must abandon their former faith and turn to the Catholic Church and believe what it says.

The Catholic Church proclaims that it is the true Church for it is in every nation on earth and is meant to be joined by every nation and race. Jesus told his people to preach to all creatures.

But if it were really Catholic then how could it be for people who do not even realise that it exists? God must not want them to join. He has had plenty of time to make the whole world know and understand Roman Catholicism.

This is just typical of the Catholic tendency to live in fantasy.

Roman Catholics are really Roman “Catholics”.

Universality alone proves nothing. Hundreds of religions claim to be for all nations and people. Being the largest Church in the world would seem to make the claims of Catholicism worthy of consideration for it seems to make it more Catholic than other religions. But any one of the world’s religions could end up huge some day. The Catholic Church was once a handful of people.

What was the Church in the days not long ago when it said that sincerity could not save and that heretics and schismatics would all be damned? Later it began to say that sincere Christians who were not Roman Catholics could be saved in so far as they were sincere and holy. But the first teaching if incorrect would put the Church outside the boundaries of Catholicity.

The Church says that being Catholic means that it is the true Church. So, Catholic means being universally right and that it is the only ark of truth for all.

Roman Catholicism is not Catholic because it is for those who are wrong and not for those who are right. The idea of a wrong religion being Catholic is a contradiction. Catholicism claims that Protestants are members of the Catholic Church but who just don’t know it. That proves that it is not Catholic. For a religion to be Catholic it has to claim that outside of it there is no salvation at all. Your religious association and membership is caused by your faith – faith is religion meaning that absolute doctrinal accuracy is required. A single error or doubt means you are your own religion.

Catholicism is not a religion for it isn’t really one in faith which is enough to expose the fact that it doesn’t bear the mark of Catholicity and has no right to the name Catholic. And Jesus did say that only a few would have the true doctrine in its purity and apostasy was predicted for most Christians. The errors of the Church are so serious that high-level Catholics could not possibly have a sincere faith.

The Church of Rome is not Catholic for it and its God excommunicate people unjustly. It is not for all people when it does that. If you sincerely believe that the Church is wrong like all heretics do then you have done nothing to deserve expulsion and being barred from her sacraments which express unity with the Church. People who deny the shamelessly absurd dogma that doubt is a sin have to go, for example. She exclaims that she cannot have them in her fold until they retract and mean it.

Even if the excommunication is invalid the fact remains that a division has occurred and is being upheld.

The Church of Rome is not Catholic for though she will baptise babies that will not be raised as Catholics she bars Protestants from that other lesser sacrament of unity, Holy Communion.

The Church has always denied that women can be validly ordained which means that though they are equals to men they must not be treated as such. No matter how great the need the Church will not ordain women proving that the stuff about women having different roles to men is sexist prejudice for roles have to be dispensed with when the need is great enough. A religion that abuses is not Catholic. It does not really want the persons it is hostile towards. They don’t get a proper welcome.

The Church of Rome’s Catholicity would be more important than her money, altars or Church buildings or anything else. She has to continue it to be the true Church. Yet she raises mountains of money while the poor die of hunger and the lack of medical attention. She is not here for those people so she is not Catholic. How could she be for all people when her actions kill them before they have a chance to even hear about the Church? If we believe in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount which hates people displaying their virtue we can be sure that claiming to be Catholic is unchristian.

For anybody to call themselves Catholic is to boast that they know it all.

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