UKIP wants Muslims to repudiate the violent parts of their scriptures for they regard them as the writings of God.  This is in response to attacks by Islamic terrorists who claim to be obeying the Qur'an.

Response: The reality is that the scriptures of Islam and Christianity claim to be authored by God and they command violence. If Christianity hadn't ignored the Jewish Law, it would still be stoning people to death for adultery.

Violent scriptures will lead to some believers endorsing violence or enabling it if not actively engaging in it. Why wait until something happens before making it compulsory for believers to repudiate the violence commanded?

For educational purposes alone, it makes sense. Too many people are involved in religion without having made an informed decision to be part of it. Those who endorse a religion of violence without understanding that it is violent and venerates evil books are being exploited.

The purpose of scripture is to reveal God's will and it is to be obeyed if it is God's will even if it is violent. Jesus stood for that principle and argued that God wanted him to embrace crucifixion instead of trying to avoid it. Thus he illustrated the point. God knows what he is doing even if we think he does not.

I am atheist - believing in God has its dangers as I have shown. I don't want Islam to be singled out as having to denounce the bad bits in its scripture. But any decent person will not want blood on their hands by endorsing evil scriptures as infallible and correct. Those scriptures killed people.

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