If God is good and made all things out of pure generosity no created good then can be valued for itself but only because of him and of how it reflects him then you don't need a commandment to say he should be loved entirely.  He should be your only real love.

 Jesus Christ, according to the gospels, was asked what the greatest commandment was. He said it was the Jewish commandment to love God with all one's heart and soul and power. Love your neighbour as yourself was stated by him to be the second greatest commandment. If we love God completely and dedicate all to him, that means we dedicate the love we have for others to him too and do it for him. So we do not really love them but him. We only love them in a loose sense of the word. But human nature is made to REALLY love people and not in that loose sense.

Jesus specified that it is the LORD your God you must love absolutely. In other words, you have to love God as the one who has the right to give orders to you and you have to see yourself for the underling you are. This is a very negative commandment.

Jesus embraced little children saying, "Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me" (Mark 9:37). He is showing that he means welcoming a person in the loose sense. Strictly speaking it is only God that is to be welcomed. That is how the seeming contradiction between loving God alone and loving neighbour is reconciled. He is clear that he does not mean, "Whoever receives a child does not just receive the child but receives me too". "Receiveth not me", makes that plain.

Jesus forbade you to love yourself with all your heart.  In fact, if love is good then surely it is okay to love yourself instead of another? It is loving that would matter not who is loved.

Jesus said you must love God with all your heart. You are not allowed to love your spouse, or your child, or your mother or father with all your heart.  You are to love them as yourself.  We often do ourselves harm.  When we harm others we harm ourselves for it leads to misery for ourselves.  So Jesus' teaching is uninspirational and really a burden to those who want to love.  The humanist should love humanity with all her heart.  The Christian following Jesus is expected to love God with all her or his heart as Jesus commanded it.  If you feel you love your mother more than yourself that is a sin.  If you want to love anybody more than yourself and that would make you happiest it is still vilified as a sin.  Such doctrines are vile.  The teaching of Christ masquerades as wisdom but it is simply vulgar religious bullying with a thick sugar-coating. 

Some say that self-love is a commandment of God. They say this follows from the fact that we are precious in the eyes of the Lord. First of all, even God can’t command somebody to feel love for themselves. Second, why command and not advise? Third, the fact that you have a prized doll in your wardrobe does not suggest that your doll should love itself. God having made us does not prove we are to love ourselves. He does not make flowers to love themselves. Four, if we are to love ourselves because God commands it, then we are loving ourselves because of a law. If we loved ourselves we would not need a law to do it. Such love is a fake.

Rather than encourage self-love, the doctrine of God gives us no basis for it. Worse, it damages and endangers it.

A real loving God goes with the degrading of real love.  Love is twisted and directed to him.  Thus the demand of total love for God is a proof that God is not only a wrong doctrine but an evil one.

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