Christian doctrine - if you die rejecting God you will never get a second chance but will be in Hell forever. God will raise your body to be tormented.

CHRISTIANS SAY, We Christians would do anything to keep people out of Hell and so we are not like people who wish there was a Hell
Reason replies:

Hell is a doctrine of hate. Jesus said that unless we believe in him and get his forgiveness we will go to Hell forever at death deprived of mercy for all eternity. If he said we must love the sinner and hate the sin, this does not apply to the damned for loving them is tormenting them and they will never change. They are anti-love. They hate it. Love is not love if it hurts another being - if it is good for you and not them then you are selfish.

You cannot say the damned are essentially good but twist that good into evil and use that as an excuse to say that you can love them. You cannot say they are good in their nature and therefore lovable because the whole point of hating evil is that it is a mockery and distortion of good!
It is claimed by some that Christians caringly preach Hell because without Hell life is bland! So we are to believe in Hell and condone the punishing of the sinners forever just because it makes our lives more meaningful!
Faith in the God who would send you to Hell forever arises from vice not virtue and no matter who says the doctrine is not caused by some level of hatred for others that is exactly what is behind the doctrine. Also, the many bad things that arise from belief in God are enough to show that to believe in a God and also in Hell makes you a very bad person indeed no matter how your outward actions appear. What could you expect for you are believing that a bad God who gives you unhealthy faith has the right to abandon people to Hell forever? Who does he think he is and who do you think you are? Good and evil are too close for anybody to deserve a cruel punishment and especially one like eternal punishment. Even evil consists largely of good intentions – the only thing that is wrong with evil is that it is perverse or harmful good. Not only does the Church cause a lot of hatred by brainwashing people into seeing good and evil as complete opposites when they are not opposites but cousins but it has to invent the doctrine of Hell as well.
Many Christians have the kindest interpretation of Hell possible and it is still vindictive. It proves that Hell has to be scrapped. The kinder the doctrine is made to appear the worse it gets. A doctrine that depends on stupidity to make it a bit more believable and look better is an evil doctrine. It is like trying to convince the downtrodden poor under a brutal dictatorship that the tyrant is doing out it of the goodness of his heart.
To say that Christians do their best to keep people out of Hell is simply a lie for most of them don’t even mention Hell these days, most of them are embarrassed to convert others or correct their fellow believers in faith matters and most of them have hardly any interest in learning more about their faith. If you really love others you will try to keep them out of Hell so clearly the doctrine is good for nothing but making people cast aspersions on the Christian love of these people.
So we are left with no evidence that Christians are not like people who wish there was a Hell. A few who preach sermons that warn against hellfire is not evidence for they are too few. And as for Protestants who claim that Jesus has saved them so they cannot go to Hell no matter what they do and do nothing to make sure nobody else goes to hell its undeniable that they are evil people who do act like they wish there was a Hell but not for them!
Even most religions admit that the theologies they have are manmade. Protestantism for example claims that the Bible is the word of God but admits that the theologians disagree in the theological systems they set up.  You have Catholic theologians who don’t agree on where and when the Church used its infallibility or ability to speak without error in telling us what God has revealed. Since it is mostly manmade theologies then why not go a step further and hold that every religion is manmade? After all the religions all disagree sharply with each other.
You choose out of all the possible theologies of the world one that has a Hell in it. That is proof that you deep down at least want there to be a Hell for people to go to. You think you won't go to it.
What if you work hard to convert others so that they might dodge it? It is irrelevant to attempts to prove that you are not the kind of person that wishes there was a Hell for others to go to.  It only proves you want your converts to stay out of it but what about those that laugh at you? Remember you chose the assumption of Hell and you didn’t have to. And as for the converts, making them more like yourself is where the buzz is coming from not saving them for if you loved them and wanted to save them you wouldn’t be deep down hoping they will go to Hell if they refuse to be converted.
Pride is supposed to be the lie of thinking you are better than what you are. If sin is pride and pride is in all of us then it follows that you can lie to yourself easily that you love the people who are in danger of Hell.

Is the doctrine vindictive as in wishful thinking and vindictive anyway?

The Christians assert, "It is not vindictive for us to warn people that the everlasting torment of Hell is the fate of all who die in serious unrepented sin. We are trying to keep people out of Hell." 

The reply to this is that they only believe in or guess it exists. When they do that without proof part of them wants it to exist and people to go there. There is also the matter of how the Church bases its God and spirituality on hypocrisy that pretends that hating sin is not hating the sinner at least in so far as the sin is hated. Hypocrites teaching Hell for breaking their rules shows how vindictive they are. There is also the matter that modern psychiatry and psychology verify that no person can be fully evil - they are a mixture of badness and some mental or emotional disorder. Nobody can be evil in their hearts to the extent that they deserve great suffering even for the worst of crimes. No person can choose Hell and nobody should be accused of being able to choose it. We know that ourselves - all of us. By teaching that there is sin bad enough to put us in Hell the Christians are in effect trying to make us deserve it. If we all believed no sin was that bad we would be unable to choose Hell. They might say that nobody is allowed to like the thought of Hell even for his enemies or God's. If the person chooses Hell that amounts to not liking the person having free will! It amounts to not liking the person for being a person Catholicism teaches that a proper person has free will. Hating the person vindictively at least honours them by recognising them as a person!

Everlasting punishing is a doctrine of hate. If you can excuse it you can excuse anything for people suffering and sinning forever without any hope because of God is worse than the idea of God becoming a paedophile incarnate. We would call a person who adored a God who becomes a paedophile as evil so why should Christians get off?

Everlasting punishment is just about punishment. Only a miracle from God can make sure of that for punishment that is just punishment is a rare thing.  Punishment can be about punishment alone but still have concerns for educating the criminal and encouraging improvement. It can still be about respecting somebody's choice to be removed from society.  Discipline and punishment are compatible.  And what about the mental and physical wellbeing of the person? If you see these things as being exterior to punishing why not add them into the mix?  What kind of monster do you worship and what kind of man invents such toxic doctrines?  Yes Jesus we are looking at you!

ECUMENICAL JIHAD, Peter Kreeft, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 1996

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