Evangelical born-again Christians are heavily into testifying at evangelistic meetings concerning what Jesus has supposedly done in their lives when they received him into their hearts as their saviour. They will say that their life meant nothing to them in the past and they fell into all sorts of outrageous sins and were miserable until they heard the gospel and gave their hearts to Jesus who immediately transformed their attitudes and made them live changed holy lives.

Jesus said that a man must be born again to enter the kingdom of God (John 3). This refers to some obvious and outstanding transformation of a person from evil to good. The vile sinner eating and breathing evil overnight becomes a paragon of holiness because he has become reborn and is not the same person or nature anymore. It takes little research to find out that Jesus' promise is false.


Psychologically, if a person is sick of a bad life and finds hope in a religion and wins the enthusiasm to change and believe that there is a great pie in the sky for them, you couldn’t expect to hear anything else. There is more too their change than just faith - they feel part of a community and a church family and that is a big incentive. The person decided to change and used religion as a crutch to do it and there is nothing miraculous about that. They pretend they are testifying to the power of Jesus to save but they are really testifying about the power of their will to change with the help of a crutch not Jesus. And if you made yourself feel that you were going to have a great future in Heaven you would understandably be full of joy.


If the saviour they professed were Apollo or Osiris the same result would happen. Adherents of the mystery religions that existed at the time Christianity started reported wonderful life changing experiences too and attributed them to their gods. Christian testimony calls them liars which is astounding arrogance even though their Jesus did say he was the only way to salvation. We are to believe the testimony is true when coming from a Christian and not true when somebody reports salvation through a pagan God. Sectarianism at its worst. So the sins of the born again Christian are just revamped and given a more respectable look. This is the marvellous change of life then that they have! They arrogantly pretend they know that Jesus is the only way and if you say they are arrogant they say the Son of God made the claim so he should know. Then on the basis of blaming Jesus, they say they are not being arrogant. But they are for they are supporting his arrogance and making themselves arrogant. When they say they are sure they are right they are saying they know what they cannot know because there could be some obscure saviour who has better evidence in his favour than Jesus and you need to test and examine and weigh every religion in the world before you would have the right to say what these Christians say. To pridefully display “humility” and carry on as they do all smiles and being popular because of Jesus is hardly evidence of a spiritually changed life.

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