The Trick Question of Why is there something rather than nothing?

The Christian response to the question is that God is the reason. He made all things out of nothing. That is clearly a trick for why can't we answer, "I am only human so how should I know?"

Some say that if the universe came out of nothing that is a miracle so we shouldn’t believe in it. They say there was always something there that turned into the universe.

Let us rewind. Why is there something rather than nothing? That question is at the root of all Catholic attempts to prove the existence of God. The First Vatican Council stated that it was infallible Catholic doctrine that God’s existence can be proved.

How comes first. If there is no how then why ask why? So change the question to the more important: How is there something rather than nothing? The Church admits that this cannot be understood. It says you cannot understand God. If we don’t understand the how then we there is no point in asking the why.

The Church says that though God is in all creation, God and creation are not one and the same. God made all things out of nothing. But does this make sense? The Church says it does for something cannot come from nothing. But if something cannot come from nothing then God can’t make anything from nothing.

Creation from nothing as if using nothing as a material to make it is absurd. Nothing is nothing. It is not a material. Christians say they reject this idea of nothing being something after all. They say they mean God made things without any materials at all. But is that simply saying the same thing but in different words.

Christians mean exactly what they say when they allege that God made all things using nothing at all. He didn’t even use his own power. All he did was command things to exist and they existed. The Pocket Catechism says that God had only to will the universe and its contents to exist and they did (Q 5). He made things not by power but by command. They still keep saying all this despite the fact that they have known from the very start of their religion that this is not creation at all!

If God wills the universe to exist and it exists, it does not follow that God had anything to do with it. If I will that no ghost shall appear before me now that does not mean I am causing the non-appearance of the ghost. God didn’t make the universe from himself or anything that existed so he didn’t make it at all. Atheists and believers should both agree that even if God exists, the universe was not created by him.

So the Church is, in spite of itself, saying that the creation had no cause. Even God had nothing to do with it. If something comes from nothing for no reason that is bad enough.

The Church says that God is the simplest explanation for how the universe exists. They say he exists and has no parts. He is like an intelligent gas that is invisible and is everywhere and is in all things that is not made up of atoms or anything for it has no parts. He is spirit.

There is absolutely no evidence that anything without parts can exist. We cannot test it in the science lab. We cannot experience things that have no parts. The Church replies that nobody can measure our thoughts or detect them so it concludes that our thoughts are spirit - not made of matter.

Creation is a contradictory idea.  To make something you need something to make it out of.  So if there is nothing, you cannot make anything.  If nothing is a material out of which things can be made then what do we need a God for?  If there is nothing, God can't make anything.  If anything exists, then it exists because it spontaneously came from nothing just as Stephen Hawking declared in 2010.

The Church confesses that it cannot understand God and that our minds are too small to grasp what he is like properly. So it cannot understand the origins of things.

Some argue, "Creation is absurd. I am not really denying it and I am just admitting that I see no reason to assert that it happened."

Creation out of nothing

Hawking’s book, The Grand Design, states that the existence of the universe can be explained without a personal God. Hawking stated that because of the law of gravity, it is inevitable that the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Nothing for Hawking is not a void or vacuum. There is something there.

The Catholics say that God made all things out of literally nothing. They say that nothing can come from nothing. This is a contradiction. The reason something cannot come from nothing is because there is nothing there for it to come from. But if that is true, even God cannot make something out of nothing.

We cannot answer the question of how is there something rather than nothing.

The Catholics say this is irrational for what does not exist cannot make itself.

They say God made the universe out of nothing. But what about the idea that God made the universe make itself out of nothing? They have no problem with that idea!

The also complain that if there is a law of gravity there must have been a lawmaker to make the law, namely God.

They say that if there is nothing there cannot be a law of gravity. You can only have gravity if you have matter or mass or energy. These did not exist before creation. So gravity didn’t exist either. But law does not mean necessarily what somebody creates with a purpose. You can say, "X does x and nothing else", and all that a law. It describes a regularity.

Incredibly the Catholics say that Hawking’s view that the creation happened spontaneously infers that science is rubbish. They say that if science tells us that this planet has one sun, we could be wrong for perhaps a second ago a new sun appeared spontaneously.

First science sees the big bang as spontaneous creation but does not see any reason to hold that it goes on within the results of the big bang. The big bang a unique event.

The Catholics will change the doctrine of creation to say that God makes creation spontaneous only in appearance but not in reality. That will be what they will say should it be verified that creation is spontaneous.

God cannot be the answer.

FINALLY - Lies cannot lead you to God.  In a religious context, the question of why something does not admit that it is presupposing that it makes sense that God can use nothing to turn it into something.  It already presumes God. It is a circular argument.  Another way you could deal with this is that the question does not need an answer: what is so wrong with "I don't know"?

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