Time the healer?

People often do recover from terrible traumas despite saying at the time that they will never get over it. We need to share those experiences with others. Encouraging them in any way to think that spiritual help was obtained or magical help is harmful to those who need to be encouraged by how you using your natural resources grew through your trauma and became stronger. We cannot preach about how God and faith helps when many people are not believers and/or think that God is a disturbing concept. The best role models are those who recognise that the strength is their own and not down to God or magic.

Do not forget that if you suffer great loss that you will probably adapt reasonably well. It is not time that heals you but your built-in power to live your life. It helps you focus more on the good memories than the not so good ones - that is a gradual process. It is how you use time that heals the best. Time never heals. It is how you use it that heals. And you must aim for the most healing you can get. Do not expect complete healing unless you have evidence that it is possible.

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