Theologians regarding how rational are they or are they just careerists?

Christianity is more than a religion.  It is a politically-significant organisational influence. Through its relationship with the secular political world, it gets a free pass particularly in education.  Theologians could be deliberately dishing out nonsense for they insert themselves in a career world that spans religion and secular.
Atheist scholars sometimes state that top theologians and Christian philosophers such as St Thomas Aquinas, Pope Benedict XVI and William Lane Craig for example are wrong but they are still rational theologians or philosophers.
This view would reflect the fact that even the most rational of us make mistakes and misperceive things. Some of us endorse irrationality knowingly for we are aware that we have an audience who will lap it up.
But in a world where most people are irrational, surely if you claim to be rational, the burden of proving it or providing evidence for it is on you? And it is.
You know your own mind best. That is why it is your job to prove yourself rational. Nobody else can do it for you. The believer cannot say to the atheist, prove me irrational.
The top theologians may value reason but do they apply it correctly in their studies? Being a rational person means you are only a rational person up to a point. You will still have some funny ideas.
Actions speak louder than words. If you claim your religion is the truth, you will support it well with facts and truths and evidences and look at the opposing side. If you claim to be rational, you will act rational and take great care in what you claim.

Those who say to you that God exists or that a religion is true need to prove the depth of their faith and love for truth by helping you prove it to yourself.
That few even try reflects badly on religion and shows that even if a religion is rational most of its adherents certainly are not.

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