Fanatics who seem to reform will always exchange one form of fanaticism for another one.  It is like there is a hole there that does not care what fills it as long as it is a belief that goes too far.  Belief in God demands you give God your all.  In practice this is giving your opinion that God is there and cares your all.  That is what your motive is really directed towards.  A fanatic for God or anything will be a fanatic in other ways.  God belief is easily programmed into children in particular.  The vacuum is there and if fanatical religious belief does not fill it a fanatical something else will.  The damage has been programmed in.  The vacuum has been made forever.

Repeat: there is a hole there that does not care what fills it as long as it is a belief that goes too far.  That is why we have examples in history of fanatics doing good obsessively and benefiting many and then converting then to some belief system that wants innocents hurt.  Extremely good religion then is paradoxically bad!

Fanatics justify evils they have no right to try to justify.  Theodicy is an attempt to prove that a good God can stand by and let us suffer, cause scandal and lead others to sin.
If people would believe in an amoral impersonal intelligence who makes all things rather than a God and that will give them a life after death there would be no need for theodicies.
To say that people suffer and a good force is creating the suffering and using it for a purpose is plainly inexcusable and malevolent. Believers can’t deny that their doctrine: “God doesn’t create or love human and animal suffering but merely permits it to happen”, is a lie.
Suffering is bad energy and God created it and the power to suffer. Bizarrely, religion says that evil is not a power or a thing - it is a good thing in the wrong place. It's a lack. They say that if God created evil he would prove himself to be not all-good. So their answer is that he didn't create it. What blindness would urge them to exonerate a god who makes viruses just to torment us? Their desperation shows through. They cannot face the evil in the world so they water it down by saying it is part of God's plan.
Also, if God can be excused for the fact that things fall short of their good potential why can't we?
Evil by definition is that which is intolerable and useless. To say an all-good and all-powerful God lets evil happen contradicts this. Even if God can bring good out of evil the evil still should not have been allowed to happen. And the notion of God bringing good out of evil is ridiculous and subtly denies that evil is evil. God can only do good in spite of evil and not because of it.
It is better to say that suffering is totally useless and abhorrent for that is denying that it should happen, or be allowed to happen, to any extent. It's kinder. We might use suffering for good but that does not make it excusable. Believing that it is useless increases our resolve to destroy it. It is better to disapprove than to approve of suffering to be on the safe side. That can only be done if the existence of God is denied.
Theodicy is really saying that justifying God matters more than people or more accurately that if there is a choice between God and people then people do not matter. Or more accurately still, God as the good original of all goodness in people alone matters. God comes first for being perfect infinite love he has to naturally be the only really important entity. So the concept demands to be put first even at the expense of human welfare and happiness.
A baby suffers and dies in horrendous agony over a virus that God made. If you are properly horrified by human suffering, you don’t even try to justify it. To try speaks of false compassion and a hardness in the heart. What would you think of a person who tried to justify even his own father committing the foulness of child sex abuse? The truly good person rejects certain evils outright and makes no attempt to excuse them and if a suffering and dying baby is not in that category nobody is and nothing is. Rejecting evil and suffering in such cases can wreck your own life and emotional health but you have to do it. It is not about you.
Are you doing it because you want to think better of God? Man is imperfect and is not entitled to all our devotion. God supposedly is perfect and entitled to our full and unreserved service. Religion says to do it for God.
This could be a mask for doing it for yourself.
People must assume that it is for you are certain that the baby suffered in a way that you cannot be as certain that God exists.
It is illogical to excuse the existence of the evil in order to please God when we would not do the same thing to please man. At least if you do it for man, you are doing it for people who you know are there. As for God, you tell yourself there is a person there but is there?
If you see terrible evil and you resist letting yourself feel and think the terribleness you are doing it for yourself. You are selfish.
God cannot ask us to sin. He cannot tempt us or create forces that cause temptation for that would mean he was tempting us. We then must cause our own temptation though we think we do not. This puts an impossible burden on us for all of us feel tempted to do wrong. Deny God and that removes the burden.
If you have time on your hands, spend it on helping people and not on trying to save God's reputation. That the doctrine of God asks for such salvation shows it is despicable. Evil is not justifiable and they try to justify God letting it happen and his making of the experience of depression.
Some people encourage suffering people to believe in God so that they will feel that God is with them all the way helping them and giving them inner strength. But is it not preferable to encourage them by saying, "There is no all-powerful God. All who die become perfect and they use their powers to help the living. They are not all-powerful and they absolutely hate to see you suffer. They cannot take your suffering away but they will give you inner strength. They will do what they can." A God that lets you suffer cannot be said to absolutely hate to see you suffer when he won't snap his fingers and take it away. Looking for inner strength from supernatural beings however is a sign that our friends and family are not sustaining us as well as we need them to. Or it could show that we are not letting them do so to the extent that we need it. The notion of supernatural help gets in the way of surviving on the sheer love of those whom we love. It gets in the way of learning to do this. If we say it helps, we forget that doing without it would help better.
Instead of caring if there is a God, we should care about being a benevolent and fair God to others. If there is no God and even if there is, we have to be as God to them. Christianity claims that though God is a noun we should treat him as an action word. If you say there is a God and that explains evil, it follows that you take responsibility for this and the only way you can do that correctly is by sacrificing your life for others and being where you are needed most say among the lepers. The vast vast majority of Christians do not heroically fight evil. Their doctrine of God suggests they do not hate and renounce evil as much as they say. It is evil even on Christian terms for people to be defending belief in God when they are not being God to others.
Theofascism - preferring God to people - is worse than sexism which looks down on women. It looks down on everybody for the sake of God or gods. To say such beings exist is to automatically say that you are not going to consider human beings the most important beings you know of in the universe. This is very seriously evil for you cannot prove that God exists to a sufficient extent to justify that.
Why should we worship say God then? Because he is good in himself and to us? Or because he is powerful? He does not need us to be grateful to him so he has no right to it. And to adore him because he is powerful is to make a tyrant of him. It’s indecent. A human being trying her or his best deserves as much worship for they are trying to do the best they can and so are as good as God in their hearts. To say we should love God and have a relationship with him is opposing reason and what is best for humanity.
Those who say that they know God exists as much as they know they have a body are obviously suffering from delusion. They afflict themselves. One has to afflict this delusion on oneself to condone the evil ways of God.
God is the key to absolute power which is why Judaism and Christianity were theocracies in the past and would be today if they were able to pull it off. It works like this, “This is what God has commanded, kill heretics, don’t use contraception to keep your wife if pregnancy could kill her, persecute homosexuals, pay us money, obey all we say, so you have to do what we the men of God and his representatives on earth want and if you don’t you are evil – maybe not deliberately but you are evil and therefore should be worked against.” Therefore it is about violence. Harbouring violence inside you encourages you to become violent and stand by when others are violent towards those you despise.
If Tony hits Amy, that is bad for he hurt another person. It is not bad because he broke a law. It is bad because he hurt someone. To worry about the law would in effect be to care about rules and power and not persons. Christians have to accuse him of more than hurting another person but of offending God. Belief in God then means if you do wrong then you intended to insult and demean God as well. It makes the wrong you do worse. The belief is therefore evil. It is heartless to be more worried about offending God than hurting a human being.
Theofascism stands for absolute standards of morality. An absolute standard is one that must never be broken or diminished. To say you must love God completely with all you are is really to say that it is never right to risk that love by getting attached to a human person. It follows then that there may be other absolute standards that seem harmful. It would be no surprise then that it could be absolutely wrong to let a witch live as the Bible says.
Theofaschism says we have to detest sin and disrespect for God. In other words, we have to hate the victimless crime of sin. God being almighty and all-knowing cannot be harmed. He is perfect so his happiness cannot be tainted. Even if sin hurts people we have to hate it for God hates it and not for the sake of the injured. Religion condemns the person who hates because his family was tortured to death. This person is a better one than the Iceman and Ice Queen who focuses the hatred on a victimless crime - who cares only about God and not the suffering.
If you can't learn to respect yourself you cannot learn to respect anybody else. Genuine goodness starts with yourself not God.

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