Christian Hypocrisy on Theft


When religion collects money and presents guesses as facts and often substantiated facts and unjustly censures doubt it can only be large-scale theft. It ought to be compensating people not stealing from them. Their swindling is cynical and cold. They have stolen from their parents and from their friends. These are the men who are revolted by sons stealing from their mothers. While some of the clergy may not steal from the collection plate they are certainly stealing by handing the plates out.

The lies of the Church prove that she thieves. She is trying to steal truth from people to bury it.

One serious form of theft in today’s society is people claiming to unemployment benefit or assistance when they are really earning a wage. But only a few admit that it is their duty to report these criminals to halt this stealing from the taxpayer. They claim to be honest themselves while standing aside to let the thieves get on with it – which is helping them to steal. They say it is bad to let people steal while they are doing it themselves.

And these who don’t report are in good standing with the Church. Their priest or minister will not tell them that they cannot take Holy Communion. The clergy don’t want to complain because they don’t want to do the reporting themselves. They don’t want to do it because they want to be popular. Then they tell you that being popular is a bad sign. Jesus said that it is no blessing when all speak well of you but a bad sign.

When you steal you have to make restitution as far as you can. If you don’t the sin will not be pardoned because you are not sorry. Sorry means undoing the damage you have done.

But what if you help somebody to steal? When burglar breaks into a house to let his partner in crime in, both have stolen, even when it is the latter who lifts the stuff. It is the same as this: if I tell a killer where his intended victim is then I have killed that victim with my tongue. I have used it as a weapon.

Both thieves owe the value of the goods to the owner. One should pay one half and the other the other half.

But what if one of them will not cough up? The accessory to the crime who is willing to make amends must pay the lot. This makes the other criminal a debtor to that person. It is not fair that the owner should have to be treated unjustly. The criminal owes half of the cost of the goods to the other.

When you know of a person who is unjustly drawing unemployment money you have to report that person and fully pay what was stolen yourself if he or she won’t do it. The state will never get what is owed from her or him because it is hard to prove how much was fiddled so one answer is to report as soon as it starts. If you can’t report a person because they don’t fiddle anymore then you are bound to pay what they owe if they won’t or can’t. You helped cause the crime so you have to pay. Otherwise innocents lose out. You deserve to lose out. Even if the whole community is to blame as well as you, you try to get them to pitch in and if they don’t you pay yourself.

If you know that anybody has stolen and do not tell on them then you are helping her or him to hold on to stolen goods. You have to make that person your debtor.

You never hear this stuff from the Church wants to be popular even if it means sacrificing principles. The Church says that serious theft must be stopped for it leads the thief into eternal damnation and the most dangerous thing is it is a sin hard to repent from because of the compensation element. The neglect exercised by the Church is very wrong.

If we hurt a person inadvertently we owe them compensation. We all have caused the deaths and sufferings of the starving. We don’t fight for their rights or send them enough money. We make no compensation so we are stealing. To have money at all in this evil world is to steal. There are so many people we hurt.
If Jesus thought it was right to die for sinners to save them then we should pay the debt to the state that a man who is defrauding it would owe the state. We should tell him that he owes them nothing anymore and owes it to us. If he repents we can forget the debt altogether.
The faith that says you collaborate with a murderer if you step aside to let him kill your child says that if you let a man steal from the state it’s different! The damn hypocrisy!


Police and detectives and politicians and soldiers and lawyers cannot do their jobs without telling lies. Yet all five are welcome at the Church's communion as if they are good Christians. The hypocrisy of a religion that condemns lies is astounding. You commit murder. You get a good lawyer. The lawyers job is not to show you are innocent but to win. The lawyer wants to get you off even if you are guilty and this is just because he is paid to do so. The Church would carry on regarding them highly say even if one in five people were lawyers. When people choose to believe a faith that says at least great liars go to Hell forever that says a lot about them when they espouse such hypocrisy and commend it. If they are not vindictive they are verging on it.
What if people come to your door asking for your brother who is upstairs and you know they will kill him if they find him? Tell what is not true. This is not lying for you have no alternative. You are no more a liar than a calculator that is set to give the wrong result is. You are not telling the truth that is for sure but you are not doing it of your own will so you are not a liar. Would you be a liar if you were hypnotised not to tell the truth? The Catholic Church and the Christians believe that you must always tell the truth and never tell untruths. This teaching is just fanaticism and proves how the Church puts dogma before people.

If you say that your brother is not here meaning that he is not standing at the door with you, is this attempt to make them delude themselves with the truth you have spoken permissible? Such a practice will not work very long for people will wise up to it. It is the Catholic Church’s solution to what we should do, typical advice from that ivory tower system! And it is not hard to ask in such a way that the person cannot avoid having to decide between a truth and a full lie. For example, the would be murderers might phrase it as follows: “Is your brother in the house?” Chances are they will. To take the Church’s advice will only get you in trouble with the men for in such cases a bold lie is the only salvation. The time would rapidly come when the person who is thought to know where an intended victim will be tortured to extract the information from them in case they are just avoiding telling the truth but not actually lying. Using the truth in a deceptive manner becomes useless when too widely approved and practiced. That happens with lying too. Lying wouldn’t be as bad for at least you will have to pay for it and you will learn your lesson. Also, lies oppose the truth and because of their contrast they can be identified. But using the truth to destroy truth is attempting to permanently prevent discovery and take the reverence due to truth away from it forever. The person who makes a good forgery is worse than the person who makes a bad one.
To say he is not here meaning he is not standing at the door with you is using the truth in a deceptive manner. The intention is to cause a deception to make the men think you mean he is not in the house. If lying is totally and absolutely wrong as the Church says so is this.

What about secret lies that cannot be found out? Since you must put yourself first you must be good and honest about yourself.  Otherwise you will make people love your false image instead of you. To lie is to oppose the truth and is condemning what is real. You are real so you are degrading yourself the more you lie about yourself.

What about white lies? What do you say to a person who asks you if they look good while they really look awful? Tell them the truth gently and you will be trusted. Better to be trusted than to avoid hurting people for little things.

It is said that silence can be form of lying. The Church would reply, “A wife tells you that her husband is faithful. You know he is not and do not tell her. Then it is supposed she will think that she is right for she thinks you agree with her. But the wife is just assuming that. You are not deceiving her by your silence for she is deceiving herself and she knows your silence is not proof.” But you know she is deceiving herself and if you can’t lie she can’t be allowed to deceive herself. If lying is wrong because of the deceit, then so is doing anything or not doing anything that results in any deception even a person deceiving themselves.

You should not lie to get yourself out of trouble when you have made your bed. When you do wrong take what is coming to you for you asked for it and do not lie to save yourself.

Some say that we should not tell small lies for then you are telling people that you cannot maintain loyalty to truth in small things and so cannot be trusted when it comes to things of some importance.

Should you risk losing your job to speak up for the reputation of an obnoxious worker who was falsely accused of stealing? Yes – if you can give evidence for what you say. Once you begin to take advantage of the misfortunes of others you are permitting yourself to do that all the time. You must be brave and courage will get your life back on track if the worst happens. Take the unfortunate situation as an opportunity to exercise and develop courage. We should avoid of the opportunity to do that. Hardship becomes easier as you get more accustomed to it.

If A is underpaid by a selfish and avaricious employer he should not get his money by secretly taking from the employer even though that certainly would not be stealing. Even if he it is the only way to get what he is owed he should not do it for the sake of trust. He would be attempting to pull the wool over the boss’s eyes.
Advertising is a form of legalised theft. Things are made to sound like they are better than what the competition has to offer. For example, anti-aging creams are a clear example of modern fraudulence. Sunscreens are promoted as protecting against the aging part of the suns rays while zinc oxide is the only product that can be trusted to do it properly. Tests are performed all the time and just as often shot down by another panel of testers. You buy washing powder in big boxes and when you open the boxes they are two thirds full. All this is to deceive the eye and the memory and to lie to people to get rid of products. And the practitioners of such fraud are all looked up to by the Church.

Lying and stealing stand and fall together. If one is wrong so is the other for lying is stealing the truth from another person and giving them a fake.

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