Religion forbids all lies so it must want homosexuals to come out and be destroyed rather than live a lie. However, the Church forbids gays to come out in such a way that they ask for their behaviour as gay people to be respected and encouraged for that is the sin of trying to draw others away from Church teaching and the Bible and to set an example for other gay people to follow.

The closeted gay cannot have true friends for nobody really knows her or him and none of them are trusted. It is a sin for a gay to have a friend of the same sex in case she or he falls in love. It would be a sin to tolerate that love for it involves desiring to corrupt another person. The gay must stick to ugly and disagreeable acquaintances. To give a practicing homosexual a job would be rewarding their sin for there are plenty of other people who can do it. Bosses who find that gay employees upset them so that their own job suffers can fire them for the Church won’t let them approve of homosexuality or try to and she allows bad feelings towards such sin.

One of the horrors the Church inflicts is forbidding a homosexual to accept their sexuality. If it is unnatural then it is curable even if the cure is very hard to attain for it is a psychological disorder and not an organic one. It would not be God’s will for anybody to be gay. To accept the sexual make-up would be to see it as a good thing and the Church cannot admit that it is but can only say that it is a disorder. The heterosexual is better than the homosexual. The result of this attitude is a lack of self-esteem and a corresponding lack of esteem for others in many gays that results in promiscuous and dangerous sexual behaviour. It often leads to suicidal thoughts and desires. When Jesus said that anybody who gives his wife a divorce makes her commit adultery it implies that anyone who allows gays to go about their business is making them commit the sin of homosexuality.

The Church should not deny that even if homosexuality is evil that it is better to allow it and encourage safe sexual activity than to have one person commit suicide due to the way things are made so difficult for gays. No gay should compliment the Church by going to it for help. Instead the Church says that homosexuality is immoral and should never be practiced and through most of its history and when it could, it ensured that the civil law persecuted homosexuals. The Catechism of Christian Doctrine claims that the sin of Sodom, a euphemism for homosexuality, is a sin that cries to God for God to avenge it. In other words, it provokes God successfully to anger whenever it is carried out. A God like that could not possibly approve if a homosexual is given a job or befriended.

Some homosexuals are heterophobic and that does not mean that they are closeted heterosexuals. Heterophobia is understandable because gays are a minority and are continually harassed by the larger heterosexual community. It is not based on disgust at heterosexuals having sex or loving one another while homophobia is disgust at gays doing these things. It is being afraid of what heterosexuals do and not what they are. The anti-gay heterosexuals are wholly ungrateful for the acceptance of their sexuality that they receive from the gay community. It is easy for them to condemn when they get it easy or easier. It’s selfish.

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