The NSS is right that a religion respecting and treating texts that call for murder in the name of God is hate and the religion cannot say, "We wouldnt kill them now. God did away with that rule." But the fact remains that the Catholic Church has sanctified the Leviticus hate speech against men who lie with men in the catechism. Bear in mind that it is not Christian teaching that the savage death penalty has been removed. The New Testament says that God does it himself now instead of having corrupt men to kill those people. That is what Jesus was getting at in John 8 when he dealth with the woman who committed adultery. If this succeeds against the Christadelphians, I suggest that Catholic agencies sign statements that the Catechism and Bible endorsements of evil violent texts are rejected by them as sacred and clearly state that the texts are evil and that they hate and repudiate them and if they don't sign remove charitable status.

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