Muslims go the funerals of Islamist terrorists and often claim they are against terrorism. They say things like, “He is not a terrorist but he just made the wrong choices.”  That is watering down the truth about the man and being fake. It is trying to prevent people from condemning the man as a man of perverse faith and seeks to focus on his actions as if they are mere objects.
When asked if they are supporting the terrorist by honouring him at his funeral some say they are supporting the family by attending not the man. But would the family want you there or want your support if you thought you were not there because of the deceased? That would not be support at all but whitewash.


Let us remember that Christians have been no better.  Or worse.  There is something more glorifying of terrorists in Catholic funerals with incense and so on.  Also, Allah may not forgive even if you repent but Catholicism regards forgiveness to be that cheap that God forgives those who kill thousands just because they managed a half-hearted "sorry God!"
Yesterday's religious terrorists often become today's heroes. This in fact shows that the believers are happier about what those monsters did than they let on. The religious praise God for working inside those monsters and changing them. That is just a smokescreen. Guessing that God has forgiven and changed them and they have changed is a guess one has no right to make. The notion that God has transforming power and forgives people and that we are obligated to forgive those whom he has forgiven is too easily used to make saints and heroes of religious terrorists. The notion is too easily turned into a mask to hide it when those men or women are upheld preciously because of the evil they have done.

There is a thin line between making a terrorist feel forgiven by a non-existent God or a God who has not forgiven them at all and condoning the evil.  It is so thin you may doubt it is there at all.  Real forgiveness is about real proven people and real things.

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