Telling a Person what to be Offended By?
Religious people like to talk and act as if they have a monopoly on emotions. They moan about being offended if somebody tells them something religious they do not like even if it is something that needed to be said. This is really an attempt to force people to respect and be victimised by their religious bigotry. It offends those who value free speech.
Jimmy Carr said that offence is received and is not given.
We tell children that if they are insulted or offended not to worry or care about it.
People say you cannot tell a person what to be offended by or not offended by. True but you can influence them.
The atheist may say he does not care what others think or it does not matter. It matters a lot for by his silence he is encouraging them to adore their God. He is still responsible.
You challenge people whether you speak out or you don't. Spread the gospel of atheism and do not let those who want to be offended by it rule your tongue or your pen!

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