The Church says Satan and his demons suggest to us what sins to commit. That would imply a belief in telepathy.
The devils should be able to make us think we are telepathic as well. They could see what one person thinks and then use their telepathy to relay that information to another mind. Thus they pass on the information leaving us to think it is really going directly from the one person to the other.
Telepathy could be seen as dealing with the Devil.
But why is telepathy not proven? Why is the evidence presented for it disputed and much of it is downright fraud? Whatever the answer is it is obvious that if devils existed telepathy would exist too and there would be cases of information being transmitted from one mind to another without any rational explanation. If there really was a tempter such as Satan we would see evidence of information going from mind to mind.
Religion tends to think that reports of visions and revelations that contradict its dogmas are demon-inspired and that the Devil may be appearing with the intention of fooling people.
There are no cases of authenticated satanic miracles. The Catholic Church never investigates or authenticates reports of such miracles.
Telepathy can be used to make people think miracles are real. Here is how.
Joan reports an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Maybe she never had an apparition but a telepathic force made her think she remembers such an experience.
Perhaps Johnnies instant recovery from Motor Neurone Disease is explained by the fact that telepathy was used to make the doctors falsely remember diagnosing him. Maybe Johnnie only has an imaginary illness.
Thus if our minds tell us a miracle happened that is our perception.
Perception is not science. If you perceive the Virgin Mary talking to you, that is not science. Science will have to check out the accuracy of your perception. But it cannot as the miracle is now in the past. Miracles and science are in mortal combat. To say miracles happen is to say that science is a curse.
Telepathy is the ultimate basis of metaphysics. God for example is supposed to be a non-corporeal reality. He is real but he is not like any energy or force we have in the universe. He is undetectable scientifically. So if he communicates it must be through telepathy.

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