What if your Teen will not Go to Mass?

The teen not wanting to go to Mass is nobody else's business.

Ideas, like actions, have consequences, regardless of what we might think. This is true. And so the Church argues, "The teen being against worship and the Church will have a negative impact on his or her life." But that assumes that the Catholic Mass is the best form of worship there is. It also assumes that the Mass has occult power to heal sinners. It assumes that Catholicism is the true religion. If the teen knows that Catholicism is not the true religion then it would be wrong to apply any kind of pressure on her or him to attend Mass. It is intolerant to argue that it will make her or him bad or badder not to go. It is denying that Catholics are no more holier than say Protestants.

If you would not stick your nose in your child's masturbation habits then keep it out of his or her beliefs. It's private. People encourage Catholic parents to urge their children to attend Mass by saying, "You are the parent and the teen is living under your roof". The reason, "You shall go to Mass not because you want to but because you should and God comes first" is never mentioned. Giving reasons but ignoring the right one is sheer manipulation.

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