THE STOICS and suffering

The Stoics argued that unavoidable suffering and disaster will come to you so you must be resigned to it for it only makes it worse to try and resist and to complain. This advice is all me me me.


Because to accept your own suffering means judging the suffering of others as unavoidable as well and condemning the act of not accepting it. 

You may be wrong but you have to assume it is inevitable thus making it better for them to accept it.  So you take that stand in case it really is inevitable.  And you have to assume it for you cannot really comprehend the complexities of another's life.  You will say it is better than accusing them of bringing it on themselves meaning it is not unavoidable.

Our natural instinct is to do what the Stoics did and that instinct is stronger than any other.  Thus we should assume that those who say God lets others suffer are condoning that suffering.  They may be saying God is cruel or just does not care but they are still condoning what happens.

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