The Catholic doctrine is the bread and wine of Communion are literally the body and blood of Jesus Christ and communion removes sin and is spiritual food that prevents you falling into sin. Failing to take at least once a year is a grave sin that leads you to Hell forever if you die unrepentant and unforgiven. It is a sin to take the sacrament if you provide abortions or are in a committed relationship outside of the rule of Jesus, "No sex except in a lifelong heterosexual marriage." It thus opposes the true person of conscience who says that anything goes as long as no harm is intended.

If God is love and Catholics adore what is not God, then they are going away from him and from love when they worship with the Mass. They call on a god for help who cannot hear. The Mass does not focus on love but on elements allegedly changed into Jesus. There is nothing in the Bible that says there is a change. The Bible has Jesus saying the bread he will give is his flesh for the life of the world. He says that bread is his body. But we don't have the words "changed into". The Bible never states that the bread and wine change into Jesus Christ. The Church invented the doctrine to satiate its flock which was addicted to idolatry. Like all idolatry, people think the good things that they sometimes get after praying for them are confirmation when they are not.

One issue with idolatry is that no idolater has the right to stop somebody who wants to honour fish and chips as the body of God in the chippie. The only right they have is to encourage it - "Whatever floats your boat",

Interestingly, if you cannot receive because you are in a state of serious sin imagine the blasphemy of going to Mass while adhering to sin and refusing to at least repent? It is on the level of Jesus offering you his body and you telling him to f**king stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

The Bible has Jesus saying before he was crucified that the wine is his blood which is being poured or shed (Matthew 26:28). Jesus’ blood wasn’t shed then. Yet the Church claims that this was the first Mass. This event contradicts Catholic teaching that it is the resurrected Jesus that is present in the Eucharist giving his entire self as spiritual food. The reasoning is that the risen body of Jesus is full of grace so to eat it gives you God's transforming power to make you from a sinner into a saint. The Church sees the risen body of Jesus as feeding us spiritually not by being flesh but by being the source of grace, it is saturated with grace. If it is divine grace that feeds us then the body and blood of Jesus cannot feed us. It is blasphemy to indicate that we need to top up on grace by attending Mass and communion as if God's grace is not effective for long. The Bible makes it clear that divine grace is so effective that it is worth dying to get it. If grace or belief in grace (placebo?) had great power or could have this teaching makes sure it will fizzle out.

The Mass comes from the John gospel chapter 6. But the gospeller never claimed that his gospel was infallible. The Church believes that God is the author of the gospel but that does not necessarily mean that God approves of all in it. God can guide a person in writing down their vindictive feelings in a Psalm. He is only helping the person to put it on paper but that does not suggest that he approves of the opinions expressed. We cannot conclude that just because the gospel says something that it is necessarily true.

If Jesus taught what the Church says he taught about the Eucharist then Jesus was promoting the lowest kind of idolatry, praying to food and drink! It is worse than praying to a Golden Calf like the people of Israel did.

We must remember that the Bible talks about the Church being the body and person of Jesus Christ in very literal terms. Yet nobody takes that seriously - not even Catholics. Thus a declaration that bread and wine are the body and blood of Jesus cannot be taken as proof that they are!

John chapter states that the food Jesus offers is the new manna. It is better and even more important than the manna God dropped down out of heaven to the Israelites during Moses time. The manna saved the lives of the starving people of Israel. They were dying without it. By describing the bread he shall give as manna, Jesus indicates that it is absolutely necessary to eat it. The Church has never claimed this for the Eucharist. Jesus would say it looks as if the Church does not want to save everybody.

The Church of Rome argues that only priests and bishops have the power to give you the body and blood of Jesus in the Mass so Jesus' commands that we must eat his body and drink his blood presuppose a Church. Not a word of the New Testament mentions anybody needing power to do it. In fact if Jesus did tell the Jews to eat his body and drink his blood Catholic style that would rule out the need for the Church for he implied to them that they could have his body and blood there and then and there was no Church or priests then!

Jesus merely said that the apostles were to think of him when they took bread and wine.

He did not say he commanded them to take bread and wine just for this. He only asked them to do it. There is no reason to think that he asked us to do it.

We can only remember him in the loose sense. Do this in memory of me when spoken to friends must mean, “This is personal to you for you know me. Revive your personal memories of me”. The friends of Jesus were asked to remember him. We may do so as well but we are not asked to.

Nowhere is it said that somebody has to take bread and wine and say, “This is my body” or “This is my blood.”

At least the Salvation Army knows all that!

Do not attend idolatrous worship

Any religion that practices idolatry is openly insulting human dignity and we should not degrade ourselves to attend its worship. To attend its worship is to give that worship a reason to take place.

Even if you went to worship at a Presbyterian Church which had no members, the worship could still take place if enough curiosity seekers went. To attend is to approve of the worship or to say that it is not bad enough to deserve avoidance.

Catholicism condemns idolatry because it contradicts the commandment to love God with all our being. So its worry is the disrespect idolatry gives to God the Creator when the creation is worshipped instead of him.

Some disagree. They say that if the bread and wine are not Jesus, then to worship them is to worship him for that is what we mean to worship. They say we are just making an error not about Jesus but about where he is. We think he is where the wafer is but he is not.

But Paul in 1 Corinthians 8:4 says that an idol has no real existence and we know it. If the bread and wine are not Jesus then to worship them is idolatry.

The Church says we are all sinners - or rebels against God. It warns that we cannot look down on others as worse sinners than us. It quotes the Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee from Luke 16 to prove that. If we are sinners then nobody can argue, "They mean well when they worship this idol so maybe God understands and accepts the worship as being ultimately intended for him?" Our attitude would prevent that rationalisation from having any validity.

Luke 18 praises the tax collector for keeping to the back of the Temple to pray and would not even raise his eyes to God but just prayed for mercy. The Mass is nothing like that where people go to communion to show they are to be considered free from serious sin!! Their priest is very far from the tax collector in arrogantly posing as another Jesus.

The readings from the Bible at Mass are often disturbing and spiteful. One wonders what kind of impression they make to the simple layperson. They look absurd and insane and vicious especially at first. The worshippers must have a passive aggressive streak to be able to celebrate and honour those readings by calling them the word of God. Only a tiny number in the Church attempt to justify the readings and what they say and it takes a lot of distorting and contorting to justify the intolerable. The worship of a spiteful degraded God is idolatry by everybody's definition.

If the Mass is not idolatry then what is? Could you imagine Jesus looking at a pagan adoring an idol of Baal and saying that the pagan worships God but just has made a mistake and thinks Baal is God.

It would follow that you could adore whatever you wish as long as you convince yourself that it has been turned into Jesus and this will never be idolatry.

Mass is Occult

Grace means that God is let into our lives to help us and have a relationship with us. It is seen as pouring a power in but that is wrong. It merely means help. So the point is, what good does the bread being Jesus do us? Nothing. We need grace.

If bread can turn into Jesus then why can’t we turn frogs into Jesus as well if he wants us to? Can’t you see that this belief is magic? It is more magical than princes being turned into frogs. To turn a prince into what is a real frog in a pond is magic. It is even more magical to turn a prince into a frog without the prince seeming to have changed at all! The alleged change is EXTREME MAGIC, EXTREME OCCULT!

The Bible God commands that we destroy idols and refuse to tolerate them. In Acts 15, the apostles commanded believers to keep away from food polluted by being offered to idols. Imagine how bad it must be if the food is the idol! Paul says that eating such food is only a sin if eaten in the context of religious worship (1 Corinthians 10:19-22). He described it as communion with demons.

Also, the Catholic is to regard the Mass as the sacrifice for his or her sins. The Church argues that though Jesus died once for sins, his sacrifice is made present at the Mass so that the sacrifice of the Cross and the sacrifice of the Mass are identical and one and the same. This doctrine is based on a notion of time and eternity taken from Greek philosophy. The Bible never authorises such philosophy. Anyway, it is thought that every moment of time is with God like it is happening now. So it follows that World War 2 is present in the Mass as well. And it follows that everything is a Mass or Sacrifice. Even going to the toilet makes Jesus' offering present. The Church denies all that which proves that it does not really think the Mass is the same sacrifice as Jesus'. It is a new one. Thus Catholicism is not Christian for rather than depending on the sacrifice of Jesus for forgiveness and sanctification it invents a new one and pretends its the same.


The Mass is proof that the idolatry of old is with us. It's presentation is different but its essence is the same. Neither Christian or atheist should attend Mass except for very grave reasons. And nobody should enable it to take place for any reason.

The real purpose of the Mass is to bolster up Church power and influence and thus it is a dreadful lie. The idea that the rite gives you Jesus as food and he sacrifices himself for you is a bait and so are all the lavish trappings of the Mass. The Church needed a ritual concept like no other and the ceremony is definitely the most effective religious ritual of all time in terms of drawing people. The plan is to get society to attend Mass and thus listen to the propaganda of the Church. The Mass is to blame for drawing people to Church to hear a message of lies and without the Mass there would have been a smaller Inquisition and less religious wars. The Mass bolstered and represented the power of clerics. The fruits of the Mass are akin to the fruits of Hell itself. You drink blood at Mass only it is not the blood of Christ.

People are conditioned into the Catholic faith and attending Mass is to help maintain that conditioning. Religious error and refusal to see the truth gets validation from the public presence of religion and seeing others congregating in its name.

People should bear in mind that by partaking of communion in the Roman Catholic Church they are in principle professing that church's doctrine despite its errors and lies and dangers.

Jesus celebrated the feast of death, the Passover and based the Eucharist on it according to the Church. The feast praised God for killing innocent children in Egypt and was based on that event. God was trying to force Egypt to let Israel go free from slavery. Neither Jesus or the Eucharist deserve any respect for honouring evil.

Some unbelievers still enjoy the Mass when performed with passion and dignity and drama. If they understood the malignancy behind its artistic presentation their blood would run cold.

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