The claim that Jesus set up the Christian faith and it is the only way to God for he is the only way

The framework of anything that at least pretends to be Christian is the doctrine, "Christianity is the only way to salvation for it is God/Jesus' work not man's."  "Jesus is the only way to God" is the star attraction and meant to be the basic reason for considering the faith or joining it or staying in it.

All it takes is for somebody to write a book making somebody else a saviour perhaps Abel and get a few people to testify on oath that the book came from Heaven. The Christian attitude is opposed to being open to new revelations like that which shows the depth of the bigotry of the Church. The arrogance of claiming that Jesus is the only way is astounding and disturbing and once it is legitimised there is no point in frowning on any other form of bigotry.

The fact that the marks that the defenders of the Christian faith say show the gospels are true, like the alleged fact that the gospels look as if they contradict each other and are reconcilable indicating that the authors were reporting accurately, could be used to forge gospels about some other character say Apollonius of Tyana or Abel that are persuasive for the same reasons. It would not be hard to make the authors more impressive than the gospel writers. They could give their names and their credentials why they should be believed. Yet the Christians would be opposed to them that shows the intrinsic bigotry of saying that Jesus is the only way to God. It is stupid to say that such alternative gospels don’t exist so the Christians are not bigots for that is not the point. The point is that even if they did, the Christians would still say Jesus is the only way to God. They say that because they want him to be that so they are making their desires not God’s dictate how they should approach God and that is blasphemy and shows their faith is not based on selflessness but selfishness. If that’s bad then Jesus only produced bad fruits and was a false prophet by his own standard for he said you know a prophet by his fruits. All cultists believe that the Holy Spirit has testified to them that their version of the gospel is true.
If Jesus is the only way to God then Jesus must have suffered and died for our sins. Christianity teaches that Jesus unnecessarily and without obligation became man to die for the sins of the world. The world deserved to be abandoned. But many Christians say that Jesus could have found another way to say us and others say there was no other way but Jesus had the right to abandon us to the power of sin if he so wished. If Jesus did that for us it shows that we should love until it hurts extremely badly. We should be eager to be imprisoned and tortured and die for the gospel. We owe him more than that after what he did for us. Obviously the more penance and suffering the better. Some salvation!
To say that a system as arrogant as Christianity could do good is like saying that the Nazis should have been tolerated for seeming to do some good.  Good must never be looked at on its own.  Good is not truly good even if it is beneficial when it is part of a morally questionable ethos.

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