Spiritual Psychosis, Reason against Charismatics and Pentecostals

The Charismatic movement is an important force in modern Christianity.  In many places, Charismatics are the only Churchgoers with any enthusiasm or fervour. The movement promises encounters with the Holy Spirit who does miracles in your life and changes your life which gives you assurance that Christianity is true.

Like every apologetic for the Church it fails.
The charisms must be hoaxes when they endorse false doctrine. Christianity is a religion that cannot be true and has no credible evidence for the resurrection of Jesus which is its foundation and yet the religion is supported by charisms.

Or are the charisms real but given to their practitioners by Satan the Devil? One might think, “The Devil would not be stupid enough to grant charisms which mimic the holy ones to Charismatics in heretical groups to promote error if they have enough of the truth to being their members to salvation. That would really be shooting himself in the foot for God will be able to defeat his plan. Satan's aim is to bring them down to Hell forever for any other aim is not worth the trouble. If an organisation that teaches a sufficient amount of the truth has charismatic powers and is heretical then it is certainly faking them. But if the miracles are real and the religion cannot be true then it is a mistake to hold that it can have saving power. Anyone who belongs to it will be damned in Hell forever if there is a Hell.” But evil can thrive so Satan will get something out of it even if he will be defeated big time.

The Bible says God does miracles to show what religion has the truth (1 Corinthians 14:24,25). Religion is about the unexpected so if God does miracles outside the true religion he is taking away from that religion the right to say that it has evidence and justification for its existence. God cannot do miracles in a false religion for that would be playing an unkind joke. It would be promoting false doctrine and the brutality of blind belief. He cannot even do miracles in a religion that has nearly all the truth but which is a false religion. If he did that there would be no way of knowing what religion was right.

The Charismatics are very ecumenical. Protestants and Catholic Pentecostals join together in an hour or two of what outsiders see as screeching and babbling nonsense and receiving childish messages from God. Other Pentecostals who teach that the true religion should be separate from false religions are infuriated by all this.

Pentecostal ecumenism logically makes one religion as good as another and error is as good as truth. The Bible God detests this activity for he claims to be the truth and to be jealous. God would not encourage it by giving people of different religions the same gifts when they get together for their meetings.
Charismatics and Pentecostals are deluding themselves are are playing ouija board but with their brains and hearts and certainly not with their logic!
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