Some people tell you to do spells - to use hidden forces to take control of your own life. That goes with trying to interfere with the lives of others too.

A spell and an affirmation (using a positive thinking mantra to change the future mystically) are one and the same thing. To do spells well, some things are needed according to magic workers.

Step One, desire to believe in magic. The fact that if magic exists, then no disaster will ever be a complete one will console you. It will give you the reassurance that you will always always cope. Everybody needs to believe that they will always survive life and death.

Step Two, it is vital that you believe and feel that you are in command. There is no God or Satan or goddess or angel or whatever needed. All you need is your own mind. What you command will come to be. You know that to love another person is to love yourself so if you ask for wealth next week and it takes fifty years to come that you have still got your own way. It is just you may in the past or in a past life have despatched forces into the universe that block you from getting the wealth as soon as you want. Renounce any rite such as your baptism which implies that you must obey God who is in charge and not be God yourself and which claims that our desire for independence from God is evil and sinful.

Step Three, have a quick look over your Diary where you record successes won through your mind powers. Do this to arouse faith and conviction that you have power. Perhaps you could use a book that verifies such powers that you find convincing as well or instead. The mediumship of Mrs Piper is good evidence of the existence of supernatural power.

Step Four, feel the connection with all reality. Feel that your mind is free from matter and can control it. Feel and sense that you are in tune with the entire cosmos and that any decision you make will program it to do your will. Look at the universe in your minds eye and fill it with white light to purify it from forces that displease you. This has the effect of bringing you protection. This is more powerful than creating magic circles.

Step Five, feel relaxed. In the eyes of your mind, see what you want to happen. See the result. Feel you want it to happen.

Step Six, command it to happen not furtively but with confidence. Command it as if you are God.

Step Seven, the final step is sensing the energy you have generated and how powerful it is. Then send it forth to do your will.

If you use altars and props, remember that they are only tools for focusing your mind. Your mind is what does spells.

These steps are sophisticated versions of what magicians and witches have been doing for centuries. For example the purification of the cosmos takes the place and is obviously better than the traditional magical circle. It visualises the cosmos being purified or fixed to do your bidding and not just a circle of nine foot wide.

COMMENT: The most important spell of all is one that you can take as solid evidence that magic works. You need to know. Thus the claim of magic workers that you must cast spells as you need to and as a last resort is bogus. It is to keep you from casting too many in case you find out that if you get any "results" they would have happened anyway by chance. Experiment and you will discover that magic is nonsense.

Guidelines for Success at Enchantment!

Magic believers tell us the following.

To succeed at magic or to get the best mystical forces working the best way for you some things are essential.

One, one must be as sure as possible that magic is powerful. This might be very difficult but some measure of success can be expected. If you have little faith, don't knock it but just be confident that it can and will increase in strength. If you do magic and you think it is not going to work you are diluting your magic with doubt and fear and these forces weaken it for they are magic themselves. Just as you cannot perform well at mathematics if you don’t trust your mind so you cannot do that well with magic if you question your power. Imagine a man who casts a spell that he will never endanger himself when drunk. He might take his car after downing three bottles of wine. That man is virtually telling his magic that he doesn't believe in it and that it is useless. His drink driving is tantamount to asking for failure for it is an attempted spell itself. It dilutes the protection he took for himself when he zapped for protection.

Two, one must be as sure as possible that one is an ally of deity and a deity in one’s own right.  Believe that even if there is a God, he is not interested in laying down duties for you. If he gave you life as a gift then it follows that you can accept the gift and do what you want with it and it is not his business anymore. If you believe in Catholicism, for example, you will hold that God is the one in charge. Magic then would be a sin for it would be trying to do what only God can do. Spell-weavers who used to believe in religions like Catholicism may find that the conditioning and beliefs they used to have still influence them. Spell-weavers who feel guilt about doing magic or that they may be going against God must put their doubts at rest. It is important that spell-weavers satisfy themselves that any religion that may have this effect on them is false. The surer you are that the religions denying magic are wrong the better. If you are not, your spells will draw harm into your life and the lives of your loved ones. When a spell fails, the result is disappointment. Disappointment is harm. If a spell is polluted with negative and harmful energy and it fails over it, it hurts those who depend on the spell to work. It may lead to more harm than good in that sense.

Three, good is more natural for human beings than so-called evil. To create negative energy is to create a force that seeks harm and which could turn on you. Having too many moral rules makes you see too much evil and leaves you more to take displeasure about. It makes magic harder for you. It causes fear. Fear is the one force that can destroy the best magic. The more love you put into your magic the better. Be easygoing.

Four, sex magic between two people who love each other is the most powerful magic of all. Though love magic is the most powerful, sex magic between lovers is the most potent generator of energy that can be used for psychic control.

Five, we must work with nature. There is no need to try to change nature by magic. Miracles happen. Miracles are illusions created by magic. It takes less energy to fool men and women into thinking a man is dead when he is not dead than it does to raise him from the dead. So it is more likely that a miraculous illusion happened rather than a miraculous resurrection. Since magic is an invisible force, science will never be able to discover it. To try and change nature is too difficult. It would be better to work with nature. To work a miracle is more about showing-off than anything. It is a sign of insecurity and desperation. It is totally unnecessary. To attempt to create a miracle is to create negative energy that will hurt people in all kinds of sneaky ways.

Six, people who don't believe in magic are causing it to fail by their unbelief. The unbelief is magic power that goes out and stops other people's magic working. It is important that the spell-weaver evangelises people to know the power of magic. The more people the spell-weaver brings the message to the better. The more people see the truth the more power magic is given. People are suffering and dying because not enough people believe in magic. Spells are being weakened by these doubters and sceptics.

Seven, associate with others who know the power and your faith will increase when you hear their testimonies and you need to feel that you have their support.

Eight, do not fear that some people will abuse magical knowledge and start practicing evil sorcery. That is a non-issue compared to people who are misled into thinking that their harmful thoughts do no harm. They don't understand the law of attraction and its awesome potency. If you understand that you are better to know so that you don't do harm unwittingly, you will have no fear of promoting belief in magic. It is important to overcome that fear.

Nine, we are all afraid of having too much mind power. We think that having too much would be dangerous. This fear is very difficult to eradicate entirely, prevents us from having too much power. That is why you can be trying hard to bend a spoon without touching it but using only the power of thought and nothing will happen.

Be enchanting and be fun!

COMMENT: Point Nine is the punch line. If you were at a party and under tremendous pressure to bend the spoon then why can't you do it? You would get and receive proof of your power and the consolation that would bring would be ultra-valuable. And being afraid of having too much power does not mean we should have such little power!

The Points are not all entirely bad. I like Point Two where you exalt yourself as your own God.

Excuses appear in the list for why magic fails. If you substituted the word magic for anything at random say, "blade of grass" or anything, the whole rigmarole would make no more or no less sense.

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