What If I just Believe in My Own Freedom?

What if I believe that I alone have free will and that others are just biological computers with consciousness and feelings? Well then I will believe that others will do what they do and that makes me accept whatever they do and be free from hate and needing anything from them so it quickens the journey to happiness for me and that improves how I make others feel and makes them better people. I’ll believe that it is up to me alone to improve the world for I alone have free will and can use it to make changes for the better wilfully instead of leaving it to the unpredictable forces of chance to make improvements.
Even if I do believe all people have free will, I believe that that I should worry only about what I do with my free will for I have no control over what others do with theirs. Others are going to do what they want so why should I worry? Worry does no good. I should protect myself and toughen myself up to survive the evil they do me and move on with doing good. So I have no reason to believe that others have free will. It does me good and them good not to even if they have it. Anyway even if it were bad to deny the freedom of others that would not mean I should deny it for bad things can be true! So having established then that if we have free will, then only my personal free will is my concern. I should still encourage people to use what I think is their free will constructively. It follows that if the lie told by religion that without belief in free will you will not be motivated to change believing that whatever will happen will happen is true then you only need believe in your own free will. You have no need to believe in anybody else’s and therefore no right to tell them to believe in free will or to delude them into believing in it. You have no right to desire to punish them. The lie is bad because it is changing our feelings through learning and intelligence that encourages us not belief in free will and learning always changes us forever. To believe that I alone can be sure I have free will and that others may not have it and should be treated as unfree beings by me will have the same results and advantages. The God belief and the Bible forbid me to do others the favour of thinking they do not have free will and it doing so they forbid me to love myself and so they don’t care about free will after all (for how could they when I can’t love myself?) and God only gave it to me to torment me.

If I see a need for the dogma of free will that need is my concern only. I cannot make others believe in free will so I just explain what free will is and it is up to them to decide if they have it or not. I should believe that I am free but nobody else is in order to avoid the bad effects and side effects of believing in free will and retain the advantages for myself.

It is crazy to be dogmatic about free will when it is up to each individual to decide if they agree with the doctrine that we have free will or not. What matters is the motive that is behind your actions not if your action was free or not as long as something like schizophrenia or some other mental disorder is not warping your brain. We know from experience that good motives make you a better person for they draw you towards goodness in the future by making you learn a habit even if the habit is just to be a bit nicer. Free willists themselves pay attention on motives but not enough. Ultimately, it is because they want to say the motives are controlled by us and not us by them that the idea of free will even takes their fancy.

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