Sikhism was started by Guru Nanak (1469-1539) as result of having a vision of God under the name of Brahma who told him he was his divine guru and prophet and nine gurus followed him who were the sources of the word of God and the last one died in 1708.
One would think that God could have told Nanak everything instead of taking him and nine gurus to do it. When there are two many prophets it only results in disputes among believers as to who is real and who isn't and the result is trouble and apostasy and confusion. The second guru said that Nanak and God were equal which is strange considering that Nanak said that there was no Hindu or Muslim because the true ones were in touch with God and equal and failed to convince many people who were in touch with God that he was a messenger from God.
The Sikh religion and the scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, is the guru now. It is a mixture of Islam and Hinduism. The Hindu and Islamic idea that rites can bring one to God is rejected. All you do is serve God and pray to him. God is viewed as impersonal but he gives himself in such a way that he can satisfy the heart as if he were personal. Sikhs have to vow not to smoke or cut their hair and not eat meat that is killed according to Muslim tradition at their initiation. They believe that God is responsible for the tendency to sin and make mistakes in us and people will be reincarnated until they believe in Sikh religion (The World’s Religions, page 204). These are reasons why the religion is not acceptable and even evil. It does not go in for defending the faith very much and that is not a good thing. Defending the beliefs is paramount for religionists as well as non-religionists for belief comes first. And Sikhism does not do any missionary work (page 206) which is a pity despite its faults for it is not the worst of religions. Most Sikhs cannot read the holy book with its languages and dialects and few know much about it and that is an admission of the religion’s failure. God failed. Surely he could come and translate it himself so all can read it? 
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