Exodus 1 says that Pharaoh commanded the Hebrew midwives, Shiprah and Push to murder any newborn baby boys they delivered. They agreed. The killing had to be secret and done just after the baby was born so that nothing would be suspected. They became tardy to avoid killing baby boys so that by the time they would have arrived it would be too late to murder them for they were already in their cots. Pharaoh got suspicious and they said that Hebrew women gave birth too fast.
This is an impossible story.
Israel numbered about two million people so more than two midwives would have been needed. The Encyclopaedia of Bible Difficulties (page 109-110) claims that they would have had many assistants. There would have been no point in Pharaoh telling these two women to kill boys if there were lots of midwives. If he told them he would have told the rest too. And then nobody would have the midwives about their houses at all for many of them would blab about what Pharaoh has asked them to do. The idea of such a top-secret being known to too many people is ludicrous therefore when Exodus says that these two ladies were told to kill it must mean it and that there was nobody else. It really expects us to believe that two women could assist at all the Israelite births! Why mention two if there were more than two? The answer is that there were only two.
And Pharaoh would have suspected them of trying to avoid keeping their murderous promise when they were habitually late and when no babies had been done away. Who would believe that all the women gave birth too fast? Shiprah and Push would have been put to death in no time. And why didn’t Pharaoh just send his men to kill the boys? Israel was no match for Egypt for it was enslaved so he had nothing to fear. He would have been sure that what he asked was done if he had. A cynical king would have been more careful.
The women would have had to kill a few babies to convince Pharaoh which would have destroyed their reputation for sooner or later they would get found out and word would spread.
The Bible despite Christian doctrine does not always tell the truth. The doctrine that a God of truth wrote it is itself a lie.

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