Christianity claims to agree with God that we have to love him with all our power and love others just for his sake (Matthew 22:37). Strictly speaking, we are to love him alone and loving others really means loving him for he is present in everyone.

The ten commandments are linked to it. The first commandment forbade anybody to adore anything in Heaven or earth apart from God himself. This excludes both adoring something in God’s place or adoring a god as a lesser god than God which would imply that any god is a servant of God who uses his influence with God for you. Even if that god is an angel who really exists it is a sin. This tells us that God alone wants to be loved for he will not even tolerate one loving an angel but wants all the love and wants the love for the angel to be an expression of love for himself so it is not love for the angel.

Notice too that to say you must love God with all your powers is to automatically make this the main rule and the greatest commandment for you are being told to sacrifice all to God so that is very serious and heavy stuff and also a rule concerning the love due to such a supremely good being would have to be the greatest for that being is the greatest. Since loving God alone is the greatest commandment according to Jesus, the Son of God (Mark 12:29,30) to undermine and fail to teach this commandment is the greatest sin.

The Jews were right to make sure that reminders containing the text of the commandment were stuck up everywhere so the Christians not following suit shows that nearly all of them are under divine wrath for the commandment is so serious and so difficult that one cannot be allowed to forget it even for an hour. The commandment is part of what Jews call the Shema. The failure of the apostles to make sure the Shema was exalted to a prime place in the symbolism and literature and worship of the Church indicates that they were nothing but a bunch of vagabond heretics. If the apparitions of Jesus and Mary were real they would recite the Shema first thing every time they appear so they are either empty spaces or demons.

The Shema implies you must have an appropriate view of God - a God who is worthy of that devotion. The god of the Mormons then would have to be out for being only an exalted man, he would not be entitled to all that devotion. So the Shema requires you to be an expert on the nature of God both intellectually and spiritually. Those who are not experts will not be saved. Deathbed conversions are no good unless the dying person is an expert. Believers with little faith and Atheists and Agnostics are committing the greatest evil possible, not preaching and living out the Shema. It would be madness to execute murderers and not kill them or at least dump them in dungeons and persecute them. The Law of the Land needs credibility to have authority and if we undermine that we should be destroyed or persecuted for we are opposing the Law and bringing trouble on it.

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