Believers in God use our sense of mystery to manipulate us into interpreting it as God.  This is effectively turning our confusion and ignorance into God.  It is the same as turning a statue into God.

Atheists can sense a mystery about the universe but they don't call it God or magical or supernatural for they don't need to. Some believers are in fact not believers in God at all. They just sense the mystery and call it God. The atheist is right to hold that the mystery is not to be interpreted as God.

If religion is to avoid superstition and dogmatism and stupidity, it will only get the chance of succeeding if it urges that we find God in what we know and not in what we do not know. The mystery thing and God are a bad combination. Indeed if you have a wife, you will find her and find love for her in what you know about her. How can you love what you do not know about her? How can you find her in that? And so it is with God. When you think you have found a person in what you don't know about them clearly you are in love with a picture you have invented of them. That is not fair on you or them and makes you a possible danger to others. Being a possible danger makes you a danger in spirit.

Atheists think a little bit more than the believer and we find that turning a mystery in God leads us to turn evil and suffering into a mystery too and we don't want to look at terrible evil and suffering and just be smug and glib and say, "Don't look for an answer."  Evil and suffering call for answers - period.  Even if they are just random events that is an answer.  Believers go as far as to say that evil is in our heads in the sense that it is just good in the wrong place.  So people are insulted and evil is watered down to avoid saying that God actually makes evil.


Atheists typically treat belief in God as a theory that is merely wrong. That is why they can say they have nothing against faith or people of faith except when there is a clear intention in the religious to belittle suffering to protect their God idea. They may add that they envy believers. But read between the lines. They are assuming that God goes with the idea that evil is a mystery and that the belief and its adherents are probably not distorting what evil is in order to make it seem to have its place in God’s loving plan. Believers cannot make it too obvious that they are getting something out of faith and don't mind if it is at the expense of other people's suffering. The mystery idea is even filthier than belief in any particular God and is the reason God as a concept is filthy.

Each one of us is the creator of our own belief therefore each one of us is the creator of our God and we all have one even atheists for we all have something we value most of all. I am serving myself not a God. Religion then is based on lies and is an accessory so any harm done over it is inexcusable and its good is not proper good.

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