Christians who lie that Jesus wants you to love yourself

Jesus saying you shall love your neighbour as yourself assumes you love yourself anyway.  It is not commanding you or advising you to love yourself.  In the John gospel Jesus says you must love others the way he has loved you.  No mention of self-love here and it is to be a response to Jesus' love for you not your love for yourself.

An excellent Christian booklet, Robert Schuller, by Cecil Andrews proves that real Christianity is against self-esteem and even the religious variety propagated by Robert Schuller of The Hour of Power fame.

Schuller said that the Christian practice of convincing others that they are sinners to prepare them to accept salvation is terribly harmful to the human personality and weeds out self-esteem. But the foremost duty of the Holy Spirit according to Jesus in John 16 was to do just that. Jesus named this job first. Incidentally, he said in the next line that the Spirit would convict the world of the sin of not believing in Jesus. This tells us that the first convicting was about sinful and dishonest actions and the second one was about the sin of unbelief. This tells us that this unbelief is not a deliberate refusal to believe in Jesus knowing that he is the son of God for that would be covered the first time for that would be a sinful and dishonest action. But it means that if you do not believe in Jesus and have a clear conscience in doing so you will still be counted a sinner. This is in the vein of the Old Testament doctrine that you can commit sin while meaning well.
Schuller attacked those who propagated the belief that we are all unworthy sinners in his book, Self-Esteem. But the Bible says we are unworthy sinners (Isaiah 64:6 and Romans 3:23 and 1 Timothy 1:15). Schuller’s doctrine that Jesus died to show us that we are somebodies is totally contrary to the Bible which says Jesus died for sins to open up for us the way to self-denial and humility and repentance. When Jesus said we must love God with all our hearts and minds and described it as the first great commandment he could not have made it clearer that any form of self-esteem is immoral. If you are a disturbed person and you cannot get help and going to the doctor gets in the way of your love for God then it is a sin for you to go. Schuller said that the Spirit of God indwells the whole world whether they believe it or not contrary to Romans 8:9 which says that any Christian who does not have the spirit of God is not a friend of Jesus’. Tragically, Schuller is devoted to the head of the world’s most dangerous cult, the Roman Catholic Church.
Jesus was an extreme case of a cult leader who tried to control people by putting them down and getting themselves to put themselves down. This god-man needs to be exposed for the evil he truly represents. His legacy of evil and self-hate must end. 

St Francis knew that what Jesus meant by love your neighbour as yourself was not that you are to love yourself but to love rather than be loved.  Such love cannot be given to yourself but only to another.

If you love yourself because Jesus said so and because you think you reflect him that is actually a way of NOT loving yourself.  You project Jesus unto yourself and you love that creation for you do not truly love yourself in the first place.  Thus obedience to Jesus explains why so many Christians are unhappy and vindictive and manipulative.

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