Self-Creation and choosing the lesser of two absurd notions of why we have a universe 


What made the universe?

Was it always there in some form or another and thus never made?


Did God or some creator force make it?


Did it make itself?
The notion that the universe was always there is not enough to refute the idea of God making something from nothing.  A creation could have a beginning in time or no beginning for God is bigger than time.  So we must move on and ask if the universe was made by an outside force or if it made itself.


Creation out of nothing is a contradiction. A human cat is not as big of a contradiction for at least a human can exist and so can a cat. But a non-existent human is a bigger contradiction. A human who is made out of nothing is equal to that in absurdity - if nothing can become something then clearly something can be something and nothing at the same time! Creation out of nothing says the non-existent can become the existent. The worst kind of contradiction then is having nothing becoming something or something becoming nothing. If something becomes nothing then where did the energy comprising it go? It goes nowhere. A stone turning into a cat is a contradiction so imagine how great a contradiction it is to have nothing turning into an existing entity.
The idea that the universe made itself is absurd but not as absurd as a universe being created from nothing. Yet all believers say it is absurd for the universe would need to exist before itself to make itself. A universe making itself is a universe made from something. A universe made from nothing is far more absurd.


Christianity says that an effect cannot be its own cause. In other words, nothing can make itself out of nothing. Christianity says it is impossible for nothing to become something. 0 cannot turn into 1 for they are opposites.
To say you cannot make something from nothing is the same as saying nothing cannot become something. The two admit that nothing becoming something is impossible.
Yet religion says though something cannot come from nothing it can if God makes something from nothing. But this is ridiculous. Either something can come from nothing or it cannot.
They say God did not make himself and is in fact the uncaused cause. But if you are just there it follows that you did not make yourself. You are the way you are. Thus you are not all-powerful.
Christians argue that the universe means all physical reality and the origin of the universe must be something non-material or non-physical. The origin is non-physical and therefore spirit for it transcends all space and time.
If the reason is that you have to exist before you can make yourself and if you have to make yourself then Christianity contradicts this with its doctrine of eternity. Eternity is the idea that there is only a present moment without a past and a future. We only imagine there really is a past and a future but everything is all one moment. It is like all time rolled into one unchanging static instant.
If God can make all things out of nothing then anything however absurd is possible. The Christians say they mean by "something being made out of nothing" merely that there was nothing and then there was something. The Christians deny that nothing is like a material out of which things can be made. They say its nothing at all. They are really just denying that there is anything there. In that sense they say nothing is not a material for making something out of.
They say that nothing is not a material for there is nothing there. They say that nothing is a material. They are incoherent. For nothing to become something requires that nothing be acted on as a material.
If it is ever scientifically proven that the universe could have created itself, religion will say "God gave it the power to make itself. He makes it look like he was not involved." It is similar to the notion that evolution though it shows no signs of divine activity, is a case where God set it up to look like he isn't behind it.
Is God giving nothing the power to make or become something the same as God making all things out of nothing? Yes. That shows the absurdity of something out of nothing. Thus the question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" is absurd. It doesn't look absurd at first glance but it is.
It is a wonder that the doctrine, "Nothing somehow has the innate power to become something. I can truthfully say that somehow I created myself from it in order to love" isn't doing the rounds! It sounds odd so it would need to be described as one of life and logic's paradoxes and mysteries.
Do we create ourselves so that we may love? Some say we do. It would mean we are here by choice but it would not imply that we are to blame for the bad things that happen in our lives. We come here to love no matter what happens to us. As silly as the belief is, it is better than most of the religious beliefs going around.
If we have the power to come from nothing and make things from nothing then nothing can become whatever you want. It is people who decide what will come out of nothing. But it is not obvious that this teaching is nonsense?
Is to say that nothing has the power to become something the same as saying the universe made itself? To say the universe made itself means it existed before it was made in another form. So the answer is YES!

Nothing must have the power to become something when God has the power to make things from nothing. Even if nothing cannot become something without God it must have the power to become something when God acts. It is not nothing after all!



Self-creation is not as bad as creation by God or anything else.  If you need a creation doctrine then choose it.


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