Confidence and why trusting yourself even without a God or faith in him behind you is necessary

How well do you trust yourself and feel good about yourself? In other words, how self-confident are you? Self-confidence is not recklessness. It is based on experience and evidence. You need to earn it and work on it.

True self-confidence seeks wisdom and practices it. The person who does not have the confidence to train to do a parachute jump needs to grow. People who think they can do it without training need to realise they don't have true self-confidence. They are deluding themselves that they have. They mistake recklessness for confidence. True confidence is based on what you know about yourself.

Have the self-confidence to forget yourself and focus on others! Real self-confidence is the only thing that can enable you to honour yourself by using your own self and your resources to help others.

How self-confidence helps you

In our forgetting about ourselves we find our self-confidence. We have the confidence to forget ourselves. Forgetting about ourselves and forgetting about trying to be happy are signs of healthy self-esteem. They are actions. Forgetting is not a non-action. It is something we do.

Sitting around wanting life to be happy but doing nothing about it shows a serious lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. True confidence is the courage to stop navel-gazing so much and to do things for others.

Developing a thick skin

When a person insults me or rejects me, I will not take it personally. They just don't have the intelligence or the time or the information to see me for the wonderful being I truly am.

If you don't know how to love yourself, if you don't know how to release the power of love in you, wish that it will happen. That's the starting point. Intend to do it and you will!

True confidence means simply that you have no fear of truth. Confident people are happy to know the truth about themselves. If there is anything disturbing, they embrace it as a challenge to be dealt with and not something to be silenced. To want to know the truth about yourself means being open to wanting to know the truth about what you want to believe.

Everybody has self love. People who say, "I hate myself because I am so bad at my job," for example, are deceiving themselves. If they really hated themselves, they would be glad that they are bad at their job. The nearest you can get to hating yourself is by adopting harmful beliefs.

The Divinity of Self-Confidence

Confidence in God, prayer, lucky charms and sacraments in so far as it replaces confidence in yourself is a failure to be your own person. Deep down there will be lack of confidence in yourself and that is dangerous. Honour yourself by seeing YOU as the only lucky charm you need!

If God exists and God is love, then God is bigger than your errors and wrongdoing. He can help you without you realising it. So why do people stress that you must believe in God? The motive is ultimately control. Control freaks like you to suffer or be punished if you violate their rules.

True confidence is you asserting to yourself that you are your God. No you are not literally a God but you are God over you as in the only power that there is taking a God role.  When you feel you are your own God, you will want to bestow your love and mercy and grace on others. You can be angry that there is no God to help and that is good if it spurs you to do great things.  Service will be a privilege. You know then that you give and give and give and lose nothing. True confidence is having the courage to face even Jesus himself and tell him that he is wrong and to tell him that he can keep his offer of salvation to himself. Have the courage to tell him to keep his Heaven wherein he wants you to worship him forever. This is hypothetical for you will not have to stand before Jesus the Judge!

Believers say that God is so good and so much better than us that what his perception of us matters the most. It does not. Nothing is more important than what you think of you. Therefore you must declare to yourself that you are the God of your life. There is no place for God or putting him first in any of this.

If you can be confident in God as you perceive him then that is trying to put the confidence in something outside of yourself.  If you have that much confidence in your ability to connect and find God then what do you need God for?  Why are you not channelling the confidence to yourself?  You are doing just that but in the wrong way.  It's a dangerous form of self-confidence for it is based on debasing yourself while at the same time not debasing yourself.

The reason you must let joy come instead of working to make it come is that joy is always temporary and we know it.

Imperfection is perfection in its own way. Celebrate it and embrace the challenge of life. Fail to take risks and you have lost the game before it starts.

Let nothing replace confidence in yourself!

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