Secular parents have the right to protect their child from religion through the law

Belief is very powerful. Belief and prejudice are inseparable. That is to say, if you believe stories about a person being bad you will mislead yourself into seeing evidence that confirms this. Your understanding of that person and why they do what they do will be biased. Your belief will affect how you interpret what they do and say. And you imagine this interpretation is evidence. If you believe that the Bible alone is truth you will not believe any research to the contrary no matter how convincing. The Bible says that God gives up on people who end up fancying their own gender because they are so evil and against him. You will say that God knows the human heart best for he sees into it so those psychological studies that show that being gay is not necessarily caused by sin are mistaken and based on the assumptions of those who have no power to gaze into the hearts of others. It makes sense for the state at least not to encourage the religious indoctrination of children. If the state cannot legislate against every wrong, it at least must not encourage the wrong.
It is better for children to have to tolerate unanswered questions than unquestioned answers. Parents have religion forced on their children despite the fact that it won't answer most of the questions. If it has answers, it is only a few, perhaps theologians, who have access to most of them. So what is the point of the fuss about religion?

Parents do not have the need to pass on their own religion to the child therefore they do not have the right. They and the children will not die if the faith is not passed on. What parents have is the privilege of doing so not the right.

Secularism gives a parent the right to legally stop the other parent from having his or her child initiation into membership of religion say through being baptised and thus committed to being conditioned by a religion during the child's vulnerability.

The religious mutilation of children as in circumcision must be made illegal. Circumcision must only be allowed for serious medical reasons. Even if there are advantages in being circumcised for some that does not justify inflicting it on a child. And the advantages can be got by the child having the circumcision later in life when they have made an informed decision. The child's body does not belong to anybody but the child.

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