Secularism sees you as a human being not as a religious being

Secularism opposes the notion: "A person's religious faith is part of who they are." This notion is treacherous and nonsensical. A person's faith is part of what they are not who they are. If you are a Mormon and you quit today and become a Muslim next week then are we to believe that the Mormon you is not the same person as the Muslim you? The person is not to be identified with what they believe. Beliefs are not what you are but merely influences that cause you to be the kind of person you are. You are the same person - you have just changed your outlook. People making their religion who they are, are definitely implying that if their wishes as religious people are not accommodated then they are being disrespected and discriminated against as persons. Would you like to get the suicide cult leader to agree with that? The secularist expects all politicians to keep concern for God out of politics. It is the needs of people that matter not the needs of God.

Some people identify themselves with their religion. They want to be seen as a Catholic person for example. This overlooks the fact that there is more to a person than their religion, their belief, their actions, and their sexuality etc. It insinuates that if the one wanting to be seen as a Catholic person regards Catholicism as the one holy religion, he or she is claiming superiority to Catholics who are lukewarm and whose faith is shallow. And what is more, the further other people are from Catholicism the more inferior it is inferred they are.

See yourself as a human being. You are more than anything you join. You are more than a religious label. Who you are matters more than what you are.

Religion gets its power by influencing the vulnerable such as children. It conditions them for life. Another way it gets power is by being present at the milestones of a person's life. The scheme there is to be important in society and in the psyche. The state must look for loyalty. The state should implement secular ceremonies to mark the naming of a child, the passage of a child from childhood to adulthood, commitment ceremonies for couples and funerals. This would increase and cement people's loyalty to the state and in turn to the people.


Let us then affirm a person as what they are instead of bringing religious labels into it.

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