Secularisation is a social process - it means when the people and entities accept and live by such policy. For example, when a Catholic school becomes secular it stops promoting and encouraging religion. Secularisation is taking place when fewer people join any religion and when they fall away from attending worship.

Secularism can lead to secularisation. Often when a country becomes secular it gets more and more secular over time.

Secularisation can lead to secularism. Secularisation or people becoming less religious when the religion is one that undermines and opposes secularism or much of secularism is a good thing. It is vaccinating the secularism of the nation against threats and dangers.

Secularists may legalise gay marriage. They may say that the state has no right to punish a religion for refusing marriage to gay couples. But they will still see this as sad. Secularisation will allow the religion its rights but gently encourage the disappearance of that religion so that the religion's prejudice and bigotry won't be a problem any more.

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