SATANISM is yet Another Absurd Faith

On Walpurgisnacht 1966, the late Anton Szandor LaVey formed his notorious Church of Satan. He played the organ at Christian meetings when he was in his teens and he decided that the Christian religion is a parasite fed by lies and hypocrisy. He became a police-photographer and decided that there was no caring God and that the true moral law was to be strong and have a good time on earth.


According to Anton La Vey’s The Satanic Bible, natural magic is just using nature to manipulate others in crafty but natural ways – eg, using mild body odour to attract a mate - and then there is supernatural magic in which rites cause events to happen. His Book of Belial, in The Satanic Bible is a primer on satanic magic.

Of the latter kind, there are three types of ritual. They are lust, compassion and destruction.

The five laws of success in magic are:

The Law of Desire. You must want what you are doing magic for to happen with a strong desire.

Desire did not save the Princess of Wales who most people wanted to live. Only one barely noticeable or unknown miracle would have saved her life.

The Law of Timing. The magic will affect the person you want to influence best when she or he is asleep. LaVey advises you to cast the spell when you are most sure that a person will be dreaming for that is when a person is most passive and receptive to outside forces and influences.

You could put a spell on a man you think is asleep but who is really up making tea. When you cast a spell, at least implicitly, you will put the intention for it to work on the person at the best time in it so LaVey’s law is silly and is really just another excuse for spells failing. If the spell fails then it will be thought that there is no best time for it.
We all have moments when our minds go blank and relax and go into a passive trance. They happen to us every hour. That means you shouldn’t have to get up at night to get psychic energy into somebody’s brain.

The Law of Imagery. This is visualising what you want to happen to make it happen. For example, if you want to throw a curse you have to kill your victim and stab and burn and rip him or her up by proxy say with a voodoo doll.

If imagery works then you would have to stay with the same image. The curses of the Church of Satan would not work if you imagine your victim drowning and then mangled in a car crash. You are really turning the energy against itself. But LaVey requires that magic be a wonderful fantasy which it won’t be with the one image.

The Law of Direction. This law says that when you do your spell you should simply believe that it will work and forget about it. Worrying weakens the spell for it is a spell itself and is making the first spell out to be hopeless. Why can’t you desire that the worry will not effect the spell protect it? There is a contradiction.

Also, you have woven your spell. It is in the past. If your worry can dilute it now then the worry of other people about magic and harmful spells will make it impotent altogether.

The law of direction can only work if you have ABSOLUTE faith in your magic. For example, if you do a spell to make a massive killing on the stock market you have to be totally convinced that it will get your desire for you and be as sure as that you need oxygen to live. The only way you can be sure you are sure is to spend every penny you have so that you are depending on the win. In so far as you are not sure you are worrying to some degree. We all worry a bit and sometimes it is barely noticeable and the worry will weaken the spell and you will worry about this too which doubles the strength of the worry. Magic cannot work because absolute faith is impossible. If you really want something your doubts and fears about not getting it will be very strong even if you try and suppress them. You can’t really suppress them but just pretend not to notice.
Magic supposedly works not just by picturing what you want to happen but by desiring it. The stronger the desire the better. The law of direction is held to be an essential but it shows magic cannot work. It shows that faith in magic is evil because it calls us to absolute trust which is impossible, scary and dangerous. What if you have absolute faith that an operation for your brain tumour will not be necessary for magic will make the tumour burn itself out? You will probably die. Magic is an evil doctrine. It is going to make people make fools of themselves.
The Law of Balance. This law says that magic works only with nature and not against it. This is why an ugly rude spotty man cannot attract a beautiful woman even with the help of occult means. He would have to improve his appearance and personality first to have a big chance of success. You have to help the spell to work.

All the spell has to do is to create a new disease that the man and the lady cannot get and which kills everybody. Then she will love him for he is all she can get. Making the disease is so easy for there are billions of viruses and harmful bugs appearing all the time that soon disappear without having a chance to spread and much easier than trying to influence a person and yet it cannot do it.
If an ugly woman has the arrogance to think she can attract a handsome young actor through spells, the Law of Balance says she will fail. There is just too much magic required. But she has developed an irrational adoration for herself. If that can happen then the magic should be able to induce an irrational adoration of her in the actor. The Law of Balance is just an excuse for spells failing.

Magic must only work when you use natural means to make it likely to work. The problem with this is that nobody can be sure if magic works at all if that seems to be the result doesn't need a magical explanation. If it helps it is only because belief in it helps. If you have to work for what you have cast a spell for to come to pass, then how do you know if the spell made any input at all?

However, there is a serious – and fatal! – contradiction.  If lust and compassion spells have to be helped the natural way to work then what about the curse, or the destruction ritual? Why does LaVey not say it needs to be helped along? He says his religion approves of all legal indulgence only which is an admission that you can’t tamper with cars or do something that puts your intended victim in danger. Magic must work best then when it is intended to do harm or curses don’t work at all.

LaVey thinks that it is in our best interests to use curses to dispose of totally obnoxious people. According to his system, a curse won’t work if you don’t really find the intended victim hateful for then you are more interested in showing yourself you can do it than in killing him. Given that the world can’t go on forever if the population increases and that nature strikes people down without any regard to their goodness or badness what is to stop you killing people by black magic on this basis? Nature will run its own way but if you can influence the way it runs through magic then why shouldn’t you get rid of people just because you don’t like them? In other words, nature is going to kill and maim so why not take advantage of that for yourself? It could not possibly be wrong even on egoistic principles because each individual has to put themselves first. Magic makes murder good but only if it is murder by magic. The egoistic principle that it is wrong to commit murder by conventional means still stands true.

LaVey commands faith in magic so it is obvious that his disciples would cast a destruction spell and then a compassion spell to protect themselves from getting caught or to get off if they are arrested if they help the curse to do its job. LaVey by commanding all legal indulgence is commanding the very self-deceit that he has forbidden in The Nine Satanic Statements – the basic commandments of his religion replacing the Ten Commandments.

In his book, The Satanic Witch, LaVey says that you can break a curse that is put on you by feeling scared of it and then casting your own destruction spell. So there is no guarantee that the curse works. If it worked it would strike before you had a chance to defend yourself against it.

In The Satanic Bible, he says that a curse is more likely to work if the victim is a sceptic. To convince the victim that curses work would be to reduce the effectiveness of your spell for his thoughts and feelings give off psychic energy that will help your spell or hinder it. The power to hinder will not be given off if he sees nothing to fear so he is left wide open to the power of the curse and is sending no forces out of himself to weaken it or break it. This contradicts LaVey's idea that magic needs help to work. If you a spell for a job you must practice interview techniques that will make the job yours.
LaVey says that as long as a desired result is attained by magic it does not matter how magic did it. In other words, a sceptic might believe subconsciously in the curse which would mean that when bad things start happening he will feel the curse is sending them though it is not. Then his fear will increase and he will expect more accidents and bad things in his life and they will happen for he is programming himself to fall prey to them. Then something really momentously bad happens and he might die. The curse injured him not by magic but by his belief in, and consequently his fear of, the curse. So it seems that if magic works with nature as LaVey taught then the victim has to believe in the power of the curse after all!
However, it would seem that the victim who believes in curses and fears them, will have a fear of the curse you put on them that will function as psychic energy that reduces the force of the curse. But people are afraid of being zapped to make them fall in lust or love so how come love spells work if they work? LaVey never addressed the problem of how Christians or anybody who hates occultism could be affected by magic. There are few known Satanists about so what use would the magical system in the Book of Belial be in that case?

To say a sceptic's conscious or unconscious belief in curses can make the curse weaker or break it is just a loophole for making excuses for murderous spells failing.
Satanic magic is illusionary for it has one idea contradicting the other.

If magic is possible and you come first which you do because you are most sure you exist it follows that it cannot be immoral magic if you do spells to hurt other people to get what you want. How? Because we have to respect other people for we are vulnerable creatures ourselves but if we have power over nature then that reason is made obsolete. Magic is a threat to our social fabric. If you want to believe in magic you have to deny that you can alter the way nature works around you and limit it to personal transformation or perhaps to gaining the energy to ensure survival of death.
The Church says that magic is of the Devil even when it is done in the name of God for it is still a sin for God forbids all magic. It follows then that magic is more powerful if the Devil is deliberately invoked! This is really advertising black magic.
The Church of Satan, founded by Anton Szandor LaVey, teaches the Nine Satanic Statements.

The fourth says, “Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!”

The fifth reads, “Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!”

The sixth reads, “Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires”

The Church of Satan claims to follow an ethic of rational self-interest. It advocates all legal indulgence. 
The Church permits murder but only by occult means when the person deserves it. You must kill by spells alone but not by guns unless it is legal. The curse is used to rid the world of a person who is supposed to be totally obnoxious.
But no person is hateful. It is your feelings and not them that makes you hate them. People can be trained not to hate. Trying to kill a person is evil for it is destroying what can be changed into something better and which should not be killed for being valuable for what has rights must be more important than those rights. A person is absolutely valuable.

It is odd that a religion that claims to stand for hedonism could approve of hatred for that is an unpleasant emotion.
 Legal indulgence. Hmm! What about illegal indulgence that you can get away with? In wartime, it can happen that rape and murder are legal! Also, advocating legal indulgence means you can do all you want as long as you don't get caught and take precautions accordingly for it is not illegal to break the law but only to get caught! The law that does not punish you for doing wrong or breaking it is not a law at all but a pretend one. It is not serious.

There is something hypocritical in saying that all legal indulgence is allowed. It looks like just a lie to get the book past the censors. What about illegal indulgence that you can get away with? What if the law is wrong? And what if you love breaking the law and going to jail like a masochist? How can all legal indulgence be right under legal system A and wrong under a different legal system B? The theory undermines morality and LaVey says Satanism is a moral religion.

You cannot reserve kindness just for those who deserve it if the human being is naturally selfish as LaVey maintains. A selfish being deserves no reward for helping people for he is only out to help himself – whether it be to feel good or to get something else.

Satanism is supposed to be good medicine for it enables you to hurl a curse upon your enemy releasing the frustration that a desire for revenge can cause. But there is no guarantee how far the spell will work or that you caused the suffering and disaster that followed the spell. LaVey gave instructions in his book, The Satanic Witch, to counteract a curse that somebody has put on you.

LaVey produced the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.
The first rule says, "Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked".
The second rule says, "Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them".
The sixth says, "Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved".
The ninth says, "Do not harm little children".
The tenth says, "Do not kill non-human animals unless attacked or for your food".
The first and second rules are actually right. Jesus however would beg to differ for he intruded all the time in other people's business. Read Matthew 23 where he spewed things against the Jewish leaders that they did not want to hear! Christianity cannot agree with those two rules and consistent Christians have always been known for minding everybody else's business. The ninth could be taken to exclude abortion. The tenth is strange for we eat more meat than we need thereby causing needless animal deaths and cruelty in the slaughterhouses.
Satanic morality is as much make-believe as the power of Satan.

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