Sanity is Always an Assumption

"No one can ever know whether freedom is real or just an illusion" - page 224, Philosophy for Dummies, Martin Cohen, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, West Sussex, 2010
Free will is the notion that we sanely can choose good or evil. But when we choose evil, it is because we try to bring about good the wrong way. Thus we are not sane when we are evil. Thus a person who is programmed to be good all the time is more sane than the person with a choice for there is no choice. The definition of free will makes no sense.
If you notice that if you cannot do what is evil just because it is evil it follows that no part of your evil actions intended to be other than good under the circumstances. But you were wrong so you were insane when your mind became distorted to assume evil was good.
You might say a person is not really free if he is programmed to be good. But the objection to that is that the alternative is even worse. There is more respect for freedom in programming people to be sane. A God who lets us do evil is evil himself. Period. If Christians want to worship this Devil then let them!

My basic mental component is consciousness. It works by being aware that it exists and that it can learn things through the five senses. What kind of machine is it? Nobody knows. A computer is sane not only when it does what it is supposed to do but when it is set up right to do that. A computer is insane even when it gives the right results if it is not right inside. The machine giving correct results does not prove that the machine is sane. When insanity can be obvious insanity why can't insanity masquerade as sanity so that even the insane person is fooled? Remember we do not see the mechanics but the results so we don’t know and the person only sees the results as well. Thus you don’t know if your consciousness is sane or not or if it has the same make-up as that other people have. You don’t have a clue. If it is insane then it follows that attempts to prove free will and stuff like God is a waste of time. All you can do is prove that you might have it not that you have it. You might be insane. Anybody insane cannot have real free will even if free will can exist. The person can only have something that mimics free will. To assume your consciousness is sane is an act of pride. It is a very basic act of pride. Thus it follows that there is pride in all of us even those who claim to have no self-esteem – it is there but it is just twisted. To judge anybody else at all is intolerant for to determine their real sanity or its extent is beyond your capacity or anybody's. In this the political correctness people are right. Judging implies that intolerance and persecution and lack of compassion and violence are lawful.

The totally insane person can say a word. To make the word takes a bit of mental effort and they say the word right. That does not mean that they are sane to the extent that they are right. They may be right but they are still totally insane. You can seem sane and normal and still be as mad as they come. We feel so sane when we do evil and yet we are not. We can be so easily fooled. If religion wants its free will doctrine, it has to make out that insanity does not exist but is just a variant of the norm and so crazy people should go to jail.

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