In the Gospel of Mark, the earliest and sanest one, we have the best material about Jesus.

Jesus was casting demons out and the scribes and Pharisees started saying it was occult and he was doing this with Satan or Beelzebub's power.  Jesus says the Holy Spirit is doing it.  He adds that there is no forgiveness for one who cannot see God's work and demonises it in that way.

Some say that the scribes and Pharisees were saying Jesus was doing exorcisms with Satan’s help but not saying anyone else was. That is clear nonsense for it would be obvious then they were picking on him and there were loads of exorcists about who were known to dabbled in the occult or who were just frauds. They have always been around. Besides, the text never mentions what they thought of other exorcists.

Why were the scribes and Pharisees against him?  What if these men were not openly hostile from the outset? What happened to turn them against Jesus?

In the gospel of Mark Jesus is not portrayed as having an over the top rivalry with them like he is in Matthew where he is virulently opposed. And Jesus was reportedly trying to appear more ordinary than he was in Mark. He tells healed people not to tell and does not boast of being son of God and Messiah and in fact is very discreet. Mark never says what the problem was.

Jesus is reported to have answered the accusations that he was using Satan to get devils out with a question. “If I use Beelzebub to get them out who do your exorcists use?” That answer assumes Jesus was NOT claiming to have an authority that nobody else could have. Some say he was trying to make out that THEY were using the Devil not him. If so, he had no right to say it’s the top sin, the top blasphemy, to say the Holy Spirit’s work of casting out demons is itself evil and demonic and it is really Satan who is doing it. He was guilty of that eternal sin himself.

The problems they had with Jesus were

1 He was a fraud
2 He was an occultist and really was trying to make deals with dark spirits
3 Both

Commonsense says they knew better than anyone going about today saying the Holy Spirit really did it.  Mark does nothing to show them wrong.

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